One Destiny fan has put together a humorous checklist for fellow players running the King’s Fall raid with some events that well-raided players will be familiar with.

Many Destiny fans hold up the game’s raids as the highlight of Bungie’s shared world shooter. Raids are just one of Destiny‘s activities, however they are an endgame experience that not many other console games can deliver—an engaging shooting encounter that requires coordinated team play and the solving of environmental and enemy mechanics.

Touted as Destiny‘s biggest and most complex raid yet, King’s Fall debuted last September with The Taken King expansion. It is that in many ways, and when a full fireteam of six players are thrown into the mix, be it strangers or friends, a plethora of common hilarious events tend to occur. That’s what one user on the Destiny subreddit has collected—a satirical list of a “Perfect Run” of King’s Fall.

Titan Jumping Puzzle Jump

The Destiny fan, who goes by thyrandomninja, sets it up as a checklist, leaving it up to fellow fans to decide if they want to make some kind of game out of it:

As you play, tick off the following instances. The only true mark of a Raid well done is following each of these criteria to the letter. Feel free to shout “Bingo” if you tick off everything in one encounter.

For those who have run King’s Fall a lot (and for those who haven’t, now is the perfect time to jump in), these common goofs will be familiar. Below are some of our favorites, but you can read the full list here:

Court of Oryx:

  • Player refuses to shoot glowing walls
  • Player picks up their relic while you are still at the statues;

Jump Puzzle:

  • Voidwalker or Bladedancer forgot to turn off blink.


  • Someone leaves their Totem before passing the Brand to the next player.
  • As soon as someone says to clear wizards, they immediately start using their heavy ammo on the thralls.


  • If an aura holder dies, three people claim to be the new aura holder
  • None of those people will actually be the aura holder


  • “I didn’t have the tainted light.” – the only person still alive


  • Debate over whether to call it “Daughters” or “Sisters”
  • No-one knows what anti-clockwise means
  • Someone leaves the DPS spot before the song finishes
  • Bonus point: that person is probably the aura holder.


  • Despite having just completed the Daughters encounter, everyone forgets what anti-clockwise means
  • If the group decides to farm thralls for orbs, someone will kill every single thrall
  • Super bonus: Sunsinger dies to corrupted light. “Sunsinger has self-ressurected.” Sunsinger dies to the other corrupted light.

With a new raid rumored to be coming in Destiny‘s fall expansion, there are no doubt more memes to be created by the Destiny community as time goes on.

For those who have never run King’s Fall, Game Rant has an entire collection of guides available to help, including how to beat its final boss, Oryx.

What on this King’s Fall “checklist” do you like the most? As a Destiny fan, is there anything else you would add to it?

Source: Destiny Reddit