Destiny: King's Fall Raid Bingo Card is Hilarious and So True

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As Destiny players this week enter the refreshed version of the King’s Fall raid, they will likely see and hear some common occurrences. Veterans know the pitfalls of the Taken King raid all too well, but newcomers will find there is plenty of frustration and laughs to be had as they take on Oryx.

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To that point, one Destiny fan has put together a fun Bingo card that highlights some of the most common occurrences during the King’s Fall raid. As someone who has run the raid countless times will attest, plenty of these will happen and sometimes they will even kill a run, but at the very least now players can make a meta game out of it.

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Some personal favorites from the list include a reference to the No Knight strategy, a Natalie Imbruglia reference, and loud background noise. No Knights is funny because there used to be a time when the No Knight strategy worked for players, but it also forced the team to have perfect timing.

In essence it was a strategy that took out an element that players struggled with, the Knights that spawn after killing the Ogre on hard mode. At the same time, though, jumping down and detonating the Light Eater bombs in sequence was no easy feat, and this method also put the runner in serious danger while jumping the platforms.

Luckily, the introduction of the Oryx challenge eliminated the No Knight strategy and forced players to learn how to complete the encounter as intended. Or at least it made it so players learned how to kill an Ogre and a knight.

The Natalie Imbruglia reference is chuckle-worthy if you were a ‘90s kid or teen, or are at least familiar with the singer’s one-hit-wonder “Torn.” Because players are consistently calling out when they are torn during the Daughters fight, there are bound to be a few who will make the reference or even sing the chorus to the song.

And finally there is the background noise, which any Destiny raid veteran can tell you is a huge bane on the team’s coordination and communication. Yes, having a player with a bad mic or a very sensitive mic was nothing new, but it became a major factor with King’s Fall because the raid requires so much communication.

In Vault of Glass or Crota’s End, it was possible for only a few players to “carry the weight,” while the others helped take out enemies or do damage. As a result, it was easy to mute one player and still get the raid done. For King’s Fall, however, it wasn’t as easy to ignore a player and still get the raid done. So in most cases it was either deal with the background noise or find a different player.

Ultimately, some of these items are going to be fun to look back on and laugh, but at the time they were a headache for those teams trying to complete the King’s Fall raid and get the new loot. Hopefully, now that time has passed and King’s Fall is updated, players can have play around a little more.

Destiny is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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