In the wake of the April Update, there are a ton of reasons why Destiny fans should be playing the latest raid, King’s Fall, again or for the first time.

The Destiny community has returned in numbers to Bungie’s shared world shooter since the April Update hit earlier this month. The Light level has been raised giving players a new goal to shoot for, the grind for gear feels better than ever, and the revamped Challenge of the Elders is a new weekly activity to check off the list.

There was another activity that a lot of Destiny fans used to do weekly, but has fallen off the list for many. That’s the King’s Fall raid. Debuting shortly after the launch of The Taken King expansion last fall, fans praised the raid for being one of the best things to do in Destiny.

But King’s Fall could also be crushingly difficult and time consuming, which made it Destiny‘s hardest content to complete. However, with the April Update, King’s Fall is definitely worth fans’ time again.

To start off, that high difficulty has been eased a bit as fans level their Guardians past 320 Light up to 335. That makes bosses weaker and enemies easier to manage, so that players now can focus more on the raid’s mechanics that just trying to stay alive. For those who have run King’s Fall many times and know the mechanics well, it makes the raid even more of a breeze.


That also means that King’s Fall can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, so say goodbye to runs that could take hours. Most fans can get through King’s Fall hard mode in 60-90 minutes since the April Update.

Oftentimes, the hardest part of Destiny‘s raids are the final boss. It happened with Atheon in the Vault of Glass and Crota in Crota’s End as well. Fireteams could sometimes be stuck for hours trying to get that final boss down over the course of countless team wipes and retries, but now it’s entirely feasible to down Oryx in one try, avoiding a team wipe and having to start the fight all over. Plus, with the Challenge Mode, 16-bomb method, Oryx can be taken from full health to death instantly.

The last—and possibly the most useful—reason to do King’s Fall again is that it can dramatically increase one’s Light level. Post-April Update, King’s Fall hard mode can drop gear up to 335, and Oryx in particular can drop tons of loot.

Bungie did a smart thing with bringing King’s Fall gear drops up to 335 Light, as it has reinvigorated the raid and given players a new reason to do it again.

Have you done King’s Fall since the Destiny April Update? What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments.

Source: VG24/7