In addition to some big changes for PvP and the Crimson Days event, the next Destiny update will also fix some troublesome bugs in the King’s Fall raid.

This week Bungie is doing things differently with its Weekly Update, starting first with the name. Now titled ‘This Week at Bungie’, the State of the Destiny Union still encompasses the usual going-on with the developer’s work on their popular MMO shooter, and discusses future changes to the game. Included in this week’s post, were some important changes to PvE, specifically the King’s Fall raid.

While many players have likely had their fill of the King’s Fall raid, on both normal difficulty and heroic, there are those still trying to secure the top tier Destiny loot. Not to mention, with the new Challenge Modes, players have even greater incentives to dive back into the raid each week. And thanks to the February update, the experiences within that raid will be a little smoother.

As Bungie details in this week’s post, the King’s Fall raid will receive two important tweaks to improve player experience. The first will change the way the camera would snap back to default while claiming the Brands during the Daughters of Oryx fight.

Moving forward the camera will remain in position and no player should find themselves disoriented. It’s unclear, though, if this will also fix the issue where the Daughters of Oryx could send players flying off their platforms after claiming the Brand.

In addition to the camera fix, the February update will also remove the nasty Ogre teleporting bug that was giving players trouble during the Oryx boss fight. Under normal circumstances the Ogres would spawn from their usual spot and walk towards the center of the arena, but the introduction of the Oryx challenge mode changed, and therefore broke, some things.

Destiny Oryx Challenge Ogre Bug

See, because the Oryx challenge mode requires players detonate 16 bombs at once, the Corrupted Light Bombs usually spawn in the Ogres pathways. These pathways, while invisible, seemed to be affected by the Bombs and would occasionally make the Ogres teleport. Not anymore.

Overall, the changes to King’s Fall are much needed. The Ogre teleportation glitch has been an issue practically since the raid’s launch, though, and it’s one that is impossible to combat.

In other words, it’s hard not to feel like Bungie is fixing problems so much later than players hoped. By now most have either learned to accept the Ogre teleports or they’ve already got their fill of the King’s Fall raid. It was a similar situation with the Crota fight in the Crota’s End raid; Bungie fixed a lot of random bugs after most players had moved on.

Of course, with a lot of the focus on Destiny’s upcoming content, it’s easy to see why the raid bugs weren’t as much of a priority. The teams can only handle so much at once, and it’s more important to look forward because that’s where the longevity of the game is. Still, it does feel like fixing raid bugs is too little, too late.

Destiny: The Taken King is out now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie