A modder uses DOOM‘s SnapMap level editor to recreate most of the King’s Fall raid from Destiny: The Taken King, resulting in a impressive version for players to check out.

Destiny‘s latest raid, King’s Fall, debuted last fall with The Taken King expansion. It is Destiny‘s biggest and most complex raid to date. So it’s very impressive that a modder was able to recreate a good portion of King’s Fall using DOOM‘s SnapMap level editor.

The DOOM version of King’s Fall is split into three parts with the fourth and final part, featuring the raid’s final confrontation with Oryx, currently being worked on. Credit goes to a player who goes by the username SharkTurd11. While the version created in SnapMap is not a straight 1:1 recreation—Destiny‘s raids are mechanic-intensive activities designed for 6-person teams after all—it is a very remarkable translation of King’s Fall.

Due to the limitations of SnapMap, some aspects of King’s Fall has been stripped down. One of the main differences is that the raid has been taken down to work as a single-player experience. Missing from the raid is the jumping puzzle across the Hive ships, as it would be hard to create that section using SnapMap. And the orbs in the Golgoroth fight have been replaced with Lost Soul enemies, because of the constraints of SnapMap’s preset structural piece setup.

Court of Oryx

Much like Halo‘s Forge Mode, SnapMap creations can be further modified by the community and other players that download the mod, which allows players to lower the difficulty (which might be good for some, as the raid is reportedly very difficult in places) or to place more checkpoints throughout. That also means that anyone can further refine and improve the experience.

The raid comes in three parts. Using DOOM‘s SnapMap feature, access the three existing parts using these codes:

Part 1: 7HUCXEEH
Part 2: B5L6MDGE
Part 3: K3YTLLM5

It seems that many Destiny fans are finding new ways to recreate content from Bungie’s shared world shooter in other games. Just this week, many of Destiny‘s levels were recreated in Minecraft. As for the official King’s Fall raid within Destiny itself, after the April Update, King’s Fall is definitely worth doing again to get loot that has been adjusted to new Light levels.

Destiny‘s next raid is rumored to be coming this fall with the next major expansion, which was reportedly leaked earlier this month, called Rise of Iron.

Destiny is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Gamesradar