Destiny: Use This Trick to Kill All Gorgons Without Failing

destiny how to cheese gorgon maze

While there are plenty of nodes to focus on in Destiny’s Age of Triumph record book, one that has been occupying players' attention as of late is a challenge to kill all Gorgons in the Vault of Glass raid. Most players have attempted to and sometimes even been successful in killing one Gorgon, but taking out all of them, and at the new 390 light level, is no small feat.

Luckily, there is a trick (read: cheese) that players can use to kill all Gorgons in Vault of Glass without worrying about death. For those Destiny players that have been struggling, the answer has been found.

How to Cheese the Gorgon Maze

To cheese the Gorgon Maze is actually fairly simple, and only requires turning off the ‘Darkness Zone’ limitation. With it off, players can take each Gorgon on one at a time, without worrying about the Gorgon’s Gaze attack wiping the whole team.

First, one player needs to go through the entire Gorgon’s Maze and into the Jumping Puzzle area. Once there, the player should head back to the Maze until they run into an invisible wall that blocks their path back in.

This player will then stand as close to the invisible wall as possible and then have their remaining fireteam join. If done correctly, these 5 players should spawn in the Gorgon Maze, but without the Darkness Zone limitation active. Now, the player on the wrong side of the invisible wall can leave the fireteam and rejoin, and they too will be inside the Maze.

With the Darkness Zone fog lifted, the team can methodically kill every Gorgon, even whittling down their health little by little. What’s even better about this “trick” is that it doesn’t require more than two players to pull off, but the larger the fireteam the quicker the Gorgon’s will die.

Will Bungie Eventually Patch This Exploit?

Obviously, this isn’t the way Bungie intended for Destiny players to kill all the Gorgons in Vault of Glass, and will likely be patched out in the future. That’s assuming Bungie has any more major updates planned for Destiny. Right now it appears the studio's focus is on Destiny 2, despite the Age of Triumph having at least two more weeks of "new content" left.

In a way, it’s poetic that players continue to find ways to cheese encounters in the Vault of Glass. Pushing Atheon off the edge of the map was many players’ first encounter with Destiny cheese, and that was quickly followed up by the Templar push.

Eventually Bungie patched out all of those exploits, but the devs clearly missed this one back in Year 1. That’s likely because no one was actively trying to kill all Gorgons in the raid – although one raid group did show it’s possible – but now everyone is.

Destiny’s Vault of Glass challenges are active until April 11, 2017.

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