'Destiny's Latest Challenge: Jumping the Hellmouth

Destiny Hellmouth Jump Videos

After weeks spent trying to break into locked environments and find ways of exploiting the game's systems, the latest sensation to take Destiny players by storm has a much more innocent origin. It seems once players stopped seeking out the hidden DLC locations on Earth's Moon, their attention turned to the Hellmouth, with a single question on their minds: can it be jumped?

It may seem like an odd question for those not already versed in Bungie's latest sci-fi shooter, but with the wealth of special abilities and gravity-defying tricks at their disposal, it couldn't immediately be assumed to be out of the question. thankfully, players have now put the theory to the test (in an effort to discern the truth about yet another Destiny myth or urban legend).

Although the Hellmouth itself - the name given to the opening of a massive Hive base burrowed into the surface of the Moon - is depicted as impossibly large, the Hunter class' ability to effectively fly or glide made them the most likely candidates.

And thanks to a boost from every Guardian's trusty speeder, the first Hunters are making short work of the task - provided their timing is on point:

What makes the feat possible is the Arc Blade super ability, granted to those Hunter's who reach Level 15 and select the Bladedancer subclass. Designed to slash the Guardian forward into their enemies, spamming the super ability makes crossing the Hellmouth possible. In fact, some players have shown that it's even possible to cross the gap without a Sparrow or speeder at all.

But with the Hunters able to complete the task thanks to class-specific abilities, how do Titans fare when it comes to leaping across the Moon's gaping maw? Well... about as poorly as one would expect:

For now, players are eagerly awaiting the chance to see if it's possible for a Titan or Warlock to do what Hunters seem just capable of accomplishing. The odds seem stacked in their favor, but that being said, there was a time when some might have said beating the Vault of Glass with just two players seemed as unlikely. By that time, the community may have moved on, challenging players to cross the Hellmouth with only a certain number of Arc Blades, or without a speeder at all, or eliminating enemies before landing.

Perhaps somewhere out there, a Ghost is resurrecting the very Titan or Warlock capable of doing the impossible: jumping really, really far across a big hole in the Moon.

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