Bungie announces today that gamers who play Destiny will receive in-game rewards in early January, including Strange Coins, Motes of Light, and an unannounced emblem.

Today in a Year-End version of the Bungie Weekly Update, the Destiny developer announced that they will be giving in-game gifts to those who play Destiny right after the New Year.

First up, Bungie will be giving anyone who has played Destiny a small batch of Strange Coins and Motes of Light:

When we all return from a long winter’s nap, we’ll still be in the giving mood. Just because you’re all awesome, we’ll be stuffing your stockings with 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light. They should arrive on January 7th, after we’ve all had a chance to settle in after our travels. We’ll sound an update in the usual places when they arrive.

Strange Coins are used to buy items from Xur every weekend in the Tower. Fifteen Strange Coins will be enough to purchase an exotic armor piece priced at 13 Strange Coins, or help pay most of the way toward an exotic weapon, which is usually 17 or 23 Strange Coins. The Motes of Light can be used to buy class items from the Speaker or (as is the most common usage since The Taken King) to level up equipped weapons and armor.

That being said, neither Strange Coins nor Motes of Light are in very high demand, as most veteran players probably have hundreds of each sitting in their inventory. But this small boost will most likely help out any new players who receive Destiny for Christmas this year.

Destiny Xur Exotic Inventory Dec 18

While Strange Coins and Motes of Light aren’t too special, the other in-game gift Bungie will be handing out to players in early January is an exclusive emblem:

As a final gesture, if you make an appearance in the world of Destiny any time from January 7th to January 10th, we’ll throw in an exclusive yet-to-be-revealed Emblem to mark the fact that you were there. Just log onto Destiny and play whatever you like. Complete a playable activity in your Director so we can track you! We’ll pass out the Emblems to those who qualify on January 12th.

As Bungie says, the emblem hasn’t been revealed, but considering how many of Destiny‘s players are addicted to collecting every possible item in the game, this will definitely be something to look out for. The emblem is also a nice gateway into the collection-obsessed world of Destiny.

It’s definitely a nice gesture for Bungie to offer these free gifts to dedicated players, but there are no doubt many that will complain that it isn’t something more. After all, complaints abounded last January when Bungie gave every player a free Legendary Vanguard weapon.

What do you think of these in-game gifts? Will you play Destiny in January to get the exclusive emblem?

Source: Bungie