Destiny's Iron Banner Rift Returns Next Week


Bungie announces Destiny's December Iron Banner PvP event will return next week as the Rift gametype, bringing a new set of armor and weapons to collect.

Destiny's monthly Iron Banner PvP event is a chance to gain new weapons and armor specific to the playlist as well as an effective way of raising Light levels closer to the 400 level cap. Last month, Destiny fans descended en masse on the mode in hopes of a perfect roll of The Clever Dragon, arguably one of the best PvP weapons in the game.

Bungie announced today Iron Banner will return for December next week. And it will come in the Rift gametype. It will begin on Tuesday, December 6th at 10 a.m. Pacific. It will end at the following weekly reset on December 13th.

Players will be able to earn armor and weapons from Efrideet, the Iron Banner vendor, as well as get randomly rolled versions of the same gear from drops post-match. Available this Iron Banner are the scout rifle, fusion rifle, helmets, and class items.

The Distant Star scout rifle is definitely worth the grind. It is the same arcehtype as the exotic MIDA Multi-Tool, and it has the possibility of rolling some really great perks for both PvP and PvE. One possible roll includes both Full Auto and Firefly with an extra stability perk.

The Branded Lord fusion rifle is not a highly sought after fusion rifle at the moment, with Saladin's Vigil earned from Archon's Forge being the most effective Legendary fusion rifle in the Crucible at the moment. But like the armor pieces, any gear earned post-match will be able to roll up to 400 Light, which players can keep or infuse into their favorites.

Rift is a gametype that is usually best played with as full of a fireteam as players can find. It's the most team-focused, objective-based mode in the game and players who solo queue are likely to get stomped by full 6-player teams.

It's likely that after Iron Banner, Bungie will activate the next promised live event, expected to be revealed at PlayStation Experience this weekend:

See some of you this weekend. [at PlayStation Experience]

Soon after, there will be Rifts to Ignite. I’ll see you in there – on both platforms – shoulder to shoulder with Cozmo. Catch us if you can.

Soon after that, there will be other things to play. If you own Destiny: Rise of Iron, you’re already invited to the next party the Live Team is about to throw.

Bungie says this winter live event will usher in the return of Sparrow Racing League, as well as give players who aren't as keen to race something to do as well.

Fans are looking forward to the return of Sparrow Racing League, but there's a feeling of apprehension after this year's Festival of the Lost and its complete focus on microtransactions, which caused fans to dub it "Festival of the Cost".

But until fans get their hands on the winter live event, Iron Banner will be the focus.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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