Game developer Bungie officially announces the return of Destiny‘s Iron Banner after applying a fix in order to correct the sci-fi shooter’s heavy ammo bug.

Earlier today, the Bungie Help Twitter account revealed the Destiny patch version to fix the recent heavy ammo glitch, but didn’t exclaim that it would definitively work. Now, however, it seems to have done the trick, for according to a post on the studio’s website, the action-RPG’s developers have officially brought back the Crucible event known as the Iron Banner after having cancelled it and Trials of Osiris last week due to the aforementioned flaw.

For those unaware, the Destiny bug allowed Guardians to exploit the game by generating unlimited amounts of ammo in their special and heavy weapons, including sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Similar to the infinite Shadowshot glitch, honest players became plagued by others taking advantage of the in-game error, which has now thankfully ceased altogether thanks to Bungie’s patch.

Now that Iron Banner has returned to Destiny, fans should expect plenty of interesting rewards from Lord Saladin in the Tower. As usual, not only does he bear new weapons, but also fresh armor for Guardians, which can all be seen below. Per Bungie’s post, players will need to be skilled enough in the game’s Control mode in order to earn the gear.







As found above, the rewards from Lord Saladin include chest pieces, gauntlets, and the gauntlets exclusive to PlayStation players at Iron Banner Rank 3, fusion rifles at Rank 4, and sidearms at Rank 5. Of course, as Bungie has asserted, all of these can also be obtained from post-game drops no matter what rank Guardians have reached in Iron Banner. Those looking to snag the gear should have plenty of time to do so, as the event is set to last through May 31.

Looking forward, after Destiny‘s Iron Banner has run its course yet again, a lot of fans will almost certainly anticipate what’s on the horizon for the game in terms of major content. Several days ago, a huge rumor was passed around the Internet, with one fan claiming that Destiny‘s next expansion is entitled Rise of Iron, and that it could consist of a brand new melee weapon, while another person suggested it might have a raid featuring the Fallen. Although Iron Banner is definitely a highlight for many players of the sci-fi shooter, more concrete news about its forthcoming DLC may be just the kind of excitement fans need to keep up the good fight.

Are you excited now that Destiny‘s Iron Banner is back? What do you think about the different rewards from Lord Saladin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Destiny is out now and is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie