Destiny’s Iron Banner PvP Mode ‘Will Be Back Soon’, Says Bungie

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Destiny has always been good about providing a lot of PvE events to complete on a weekly basis. Players have formed weekly habits of tackling the Nightfall and Heroic Strikes as well as the latest Raid. But for a long time, players have been asking for the competitive multiplayer side of the game to receive its own weekly rituals.

In the last expansion, House of Wolves, Bungie took a step towards that by adding Trials of Osiris, an intense 3v3, one-life-to-live Elimination mode that challenged players to win nine games in a row. Players who went 9-0 (or Flawless) were granted access to an exclusive destination and Raid-tier weapon rewards. The playlist only showed up between Friday and Tuesday each week.

Although Trials of Osiris has taken a break with the latest Destiny expansion, The Taken King, Bungie has added a few more PvP-centric events to the game, including a Weekly Crucible Playlist and Weekly Bounty quest chain (that when completed will award high-level – or what players call Nightfall – rewards).

Back in August, before The Taken King was released, Bungie designer Lars Bakken told Game Informer that with the new Crucible changes, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner would be going on hiatus for a while. But Bakken also teased that when the modes returned, they would do so with a few surprises.


Since those comments, things have been silent when it comes to Iron Banner, a weekly PvP playlist that takes place once a month and turns on level and armor stat advantages. Today, the Destiny community was abuzz about the possibility of Iron Banner making a return to the game, citing the fact that Iron Banner usually appears each month on the morning of the last weekly reset. Further adding to the speculation was that the last Iron Banner was not announced in advance, and no one knew it was active until players logged into Destiny and saw that the playlist was live.

Not only is the Destiny community excited for the return of Iron Banner because it is another competitive mode and more content to play, but Bungie has said that when Iron Banner returns, Lord Saladin (the vendor that “oversees” the Iron Banner) will bring new bounties, emblems, and armor.

But hopeful players’ dreams were dashed this morning when Community Manager David Dague, known as DeeJ, took to Twitter to confirm that Bungie is still holding back Iron Banner, but promised that it would return soon.

‘Soon’ is intentionally vague – a term Bungie employs often when talking about content and patches coming to Destiny, so take that into account when the developer uses it to refer to the timetable of Iron Banner’s eventual reappearance. But because Iron Banner is a monthly event, it appears Destiny players are out of luck and will have to wait until next month to see if the playlist shows up then.

In the meantime, one of the new PvP modes added in The Taken King, Mayhem Clash, is available starting today as the Weekly Crucible Playlist.

Are you looking forward to Iron Banner returning? When do you think Bungie will bring it back?

Source: Deej – Twitter