'Destiny's Iron Banner Event Not Working As Promised; Bungie Wants Feedback

Destiyn's Warlock using special attack

As a first person shooter/MMO with a massive, persistently online open world, Destiny offers a wealth of things to do and places to explore. Developer Bungie has even revealed plans to support the game for the next decade. With some players quickly blasting and super-powering their way through the game's story, and others simply getting bored of it and turning attention elsewhere, Bungie has a huge task on their hands. However, they are looking to remedy this with weekly and monthly challenges and missions (such as the Strike and Raid missions) to keep player interest high.

One of these such events is the Iron Banner event in Destiny's PvP mode which allows players to keep their level advantages (these are usually balanced in normal PVP play). But despite Bungie's best efforts, some players are finding that the playing field is far more even than expected.

Gear and armor stats from the PvE mode of Destiny were meant to carry over to the Iron Banner event, purposefully providing users with a challenge. As in Destiny's notoriously difficult Raid missions, higher level players would be able to put their skills to good use whilst lower level players would be able to seize David and Goliath wins or, more likely, die mercilessly.

As YouTube user OohaPieceaCandy demonstrates in the above video, Iron Banner actually fails at creating the imbalance that Bungie promised. Using a level four Guardian they are clearly able to dominate higher level players, despite having paltry gear earned from the earliest of Destiny's missions.

The mode also fails in that the high challenge means that some players leave a match in progress. Rage quitting is no fun for anyone but there are currently no penalties for leaving a PVP match in-progress - meaning those who do quit can get away with it.

On the one hand, people could argue that the lack of penalties is good for those who get kicked out of the game due to poor Internet connections or because of Destiny server hacks. However, there are plenty who will do it out of spite, and Bungie appears to be aware of one of these problems, as Destiny community manager David "Deej" Dague left the following message on the game's official forums:

"Were you detecting an advantage attributed to your more powerful gear and weapons? Did the experience feel different than standard Crucible combat? Talk to me, Guardians. I know people quit games when they know they won’t win. I’m more curious about your perceptions for how the power-level advantages work. Help me help you.”

The fact that Bungie wants to listen is good news but with other parts of the game catching flack – including the story, the lack of matchmaking in Raid missions and the many loot-related loopholes – they'll have to act fast if they want to convince players that they can support the game for the next 10 years as intended.

Source: Destiny Forum, Eurogamer

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