‘Destiny’ To Bring Back The Iron Banner Event Next Week With New Gear

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Destiny Lord Saladin

Bungie has been fairly busy lately. Earlier this week it kicked off a live stream over Twitch showing off a lot of new details for the upcoming “House of Wolves” expansion for its popular shooter, Destiny. Based on social media feedback, fan response has been pretty positive about the news.

While the wait for House of Wolves is still in effect for a few more weeks, Bungie hasn’t forgotten about its traditional semi-weekly events. With all of the recent news, we now know when the popular PvP event, Iron Banner, will be returning to Destiny.

While initially due this week, the Iron Banner PvP event will make it’s return to Destiny next week alongside the title’s weekly reset.  The change was implemented due to the recent crucible changes which were introduced in update 1.1.2. The added delay was in order to give Bungie just a bit more time seeing how all of the bug fixes, ammunition changes, and other tweaks were functioning.

While the event is scheduled to go live on April 28, it’s worth noting that a navigation bug will prevent players from accessing Iron Banner from the traditional Crucible menu. Instead, the option will be visible on the left side next to the featured activities.

Can’t wait to jump back in? Bungie has made the wait just a bit harder by showing off a few of the new rewards you can earn:

Iron Banner Titan Helmet

Iron Banner Hunter Hemlet

Iron Banner Warlock Helmet

Even though the Iron Banner event kind of got off to an underwhelming start, Bungie has been hard at work tweaking and improving the experience for players. They’re now at the point where level advantages through gear and armor are functioning as intended, giving players a fresh take on the player-versus-player experience.

With House of Wolves quickly approaching next month, players have a number of new features and tweaks to look forward to that should help freshen up the experience. For those getting a little tired of starting dance parties in front of the quartermaster or putting up with Master Rahool’s shenanigans, a new social area in The Reef zone will be available which also marks the return of Queen’s Wrath bounties. The revamped weapon upgrade system is another big change coming in the expansion and it also introduces a reforge option which lets players essentially re-roll the gun’s perks.

With House of Wolves, what are you guys looking forward to most? Let us know down below in the comments.

The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny is due out on May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie