Destiny Guide: Get the Classic Iron Banner Armor You Want


Beat RNG and up your chances of getting the classic Iron Banner armor you're looking for using this method of manipulating the Dusty engram decryption process.

When Destiny: Rise of Iron launched in September, it opened up a path for players to gain some Iron Banner items from the past. First, Shiro-4 has a rotating inventory of Iron Banner items that were available in Destiny’s first two years. The second option for players wanting to deck out their Guardians in classic Iron Banner armor can be found at Lord Saladin, in the form of Dusty Iron Engrams.

Destiny Iron Banner Gear

One fan on the Destiny subreddit discovered a way to manipulate the chance at getting exactly the armor piece a player would want. Here’s how to do it.

Buy a Dusty Iron Engram

Step one is going to Lord Saladin at the Iron Temple atop Felwinter Peak and buying a Dusty Iron Engram. It costs 5 Silver Dust, which is gained in Radiant Treasure boxes and by dismantling Ornaments.

Fill Up Armor Slots

Next, fill up every armor slot, except for one slot on the armor piece desired. For example, if a player wants a chest piece, completely load up a character’s head, gauntlets, and leg armor sections. Then leave one slot open on the chest section.

Go to a Cryptarch

When going to the Cryptarch and scrolling over the Dusty Iron Engram, it will say “No Space Available” unless it is the desired piece. This in effect will allow a preview of what kind of armor piece will decrypt from that engram.

How to Change the Engram’s Type

If the Dusty Iron Engram is not the desired armor type, there is a way to reroll that engram. Return to orbit and go to a different social space—there are Cryptarchs in each one. Repeat the process until the “No Space Available” message goes away, which will be the sign that the engram has re-rolled itself into the desired kind of armor.

Good luck!

RNG is still a factor here. This method will not guarantee the exact armor piece players want, because it can draw from the Iron Regalia set (from Year One) or the Iron Breed (The Taken King/Year Two) set. However, it will increase the chance of getting the piece a player is chasing. Remember that the perk and stat draw will be random, so that adds an extra layer onto the RNG in the fact that the roll could be bad even if it is the right armor.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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