Destiny Fan Makes Iron Banner Scout Rifle Replica


An avid fan of Bungie's shooter Destiny: Rise of Iron creates a wonderful replica of the scout rifle known as The Distant Star from the game's Iron Banner.

Even though Destiny: Rise of Iron has been out for almost a month now, it's safe to say that plenty of Guardians are still taking part in all that the game's latest expansion has to offer, as they are surely trying to buff up their characters in anticipation of the Wrath of the Machine raid's forthcoming Heroic Mode. Of course, it's important for the title's myriad followers to rest their eyes from time to time and express themselves creatively, like the would-be Guardian and Redditor known as DaXLR, who used the spare moments in between playing to create an incredibly detailed replica of the Iron Banner's scout rifle known as The Distant Star.

According to DaXLR, he is an aspiring prop maker, and has been known to dabble in crafting plenty of different wares over the years. Interestingly enough, however, the Guardian's creation of the Destiny scout rifle is the first instance of him making an actual prop replica from a well-known intellectual property, and he figured that if it could pass the often brutal scrutiny of the Internet, then he would feel as if he had been successful in what he calls his "personal Crucible."

As seen in the image below, DaXLR has done a fantastic job when it comes to replicating the size, scale, and look of Destiny's The Distant Star, as it appears to be almost identical to the one found in the game, save for its lack of a holographic sight. For those interested in following along with the Redditor's full 3D printing and painting process to create the scout rifle replica, they can do so right here.


While some might not deem Destiny's The Distant Star as a formidable weapon of choice, there are undoubtedly many Guardians who absolutely adore the scout rifle. As a matter of fact, among the number of must-have weapons that have come to Destiny through the Rise of Iron expansion, some consider The Distant Star to be one of the six best new weapons to be added.

Should there be Guardians out there who don't believe The Distant Star to be that great of a gun, but are a fan of DaXLR's work, they can rest easy knowing that the Redditor has declared that he wants to create more replicas in the future. While discussing the scout rifle's creation with other fans on Destiny's official subreddit, the Guardian stated that he's considering making his own versions of all of the weapons from the Iron Banner in order to mount and display them on a gun wall.

Of course, DaXLR's recreation of The Distant Star is far from the first fan-built Destiny gun that's made a transition from the game and into the real world. As it happens, there have been numerous instances of craftiness from the science fiction shooter's community, but excluding DaXLR's take on the title's scout rifle, a lot of fans believe this Thorn pistol replica that actually fires to be among the best. Nevertheless, such judgment is subjective, but if anything, these Guardians should definitely be applauded simply for their dedication and ingenuity.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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