Bungie’s Twitter account reveals that Guardians will have their hands full this holiday season, as Destiny‘s Iron Banner event is set to return in just a couple of weeks time.

According to the announcement, Iron Banner will be made available to players once again after the conclusion of the Sparrow Racing League, which will presumably end before December 29, the official return date for Destiny‘s popular PvP event. The rest of the tweet was suspiciously ambiguous, simply hyping up the return of Lord Saladin while stating that anything regarding gear announcements was going to come later.

Perhaps that ambiguity stems from the fact that Bungie revealed information about the newest iteration of Iron Banner already a few weeks ago, when Bungie announced a slew of PlayStation exclusive content for Destiny Year 2. The announcement was made at this year’s PlayStation Experience, and Sony’s Adam Boyes suggested that even Iron Banner events would contain PS exclusive content, the first such instance of that kind of content implementation. Although the presentation regarding the exclusives wasn’t as clear as viewers might have preferred, it appears that PS Destiny players will have access to a second set of Iron Banner gear.

Of course, the important takeaway from the announcement is that Iron Banner is going to be back sooner rather than later, which might serve as a boon for Bungie and a gesture of good will towards Guardians after the latest The Taken King update resulted in several exploits and the need for an extremely quick hot fix. It’s been a very up and down couple of months for Destiny, with gamers dually praising the way The Taken King expansion brought some much-needed narrative gravitas and gameplay variation while lamenting Destiny‘s loot system and its very noticeable short-comings.

The end result has been some introspection on the part of the game’s development team, who have admitted that the ten year plan regarding the game was, perhaps, a little ambitious. In fact, The Taken King‘s creative director, Luke Smith, took to Twitter a few weeks ago to state that he and the development team were aware of Destiny‘s lack of long term non-power pursuits, meaning content that not only appeals to the already deeply-embedded within Bungie’s sci-fi shooter. Even some of the game’s best and brightest have been forced to entertain themselves, however, as one Destiny player beat Crota solo using just his voice after being challenged by members of the Destiny Reddit community.

destiny iron banner symbol

Eventually, however, the game will also need some reliable stand-bys to provide a spark to its more competitive players, and Iron Banner is one of the few instances of that kind of element present within Destiny as it currently stands. While the team behind Destiny is promising an even bigger 2016 for the popular FPS-RPG hybrid, its nice for Guardians to have an old favorite return and provide some much-needed stability to the constant evolution taking place within the game.

Are you excited to have Iron Banner back? Do you think the reward of console-exclusive PvP rewards is going too far? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter