Destiny: New Iron Banner Bounties Revealed for Rise of Iron

destiny rise iron banner bounty

One Destiny player discovers the new and more rewarding bounties that will be included in Iron Banner when the event returns for Rise of Iron in the future.

Although the launches of Destiny: Rise of Iron and its Wrath of the Machine raid have come and gone, there are still some things to look forward to in Year 3. In the near future, Bungie will relaunch the Festival of the Lost event, which is themed around Halloween and gives players a variety of fun masks to wear, and after that Sparrow Racing League will make its Year 3 debut.

In the more immediate future, however, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are set to return, with the former kicking off this weekend. Iron Banner, on the other hand, is still a mystery as far as its launch, but today we may have more clues about how the event may work.

While browsing the Destiny companion app, one player discovered that four Iron Banner bounties were listed within the app’s quest list. It’s unclear why the bounties appeared, but luckily the player was able to take a screenshot of each. Readers can check out all four in the below tweet:


We knew going in that Destiny would be reimagining Iron Banner bounties for Year 3 and Rise of Iron. The developers had already said that they were doing away with the Tempered buff and reputation boosting items, in favor of an event that gives everyone an even chance to level up and earn gear. Similarly, the developers revealed that new, more rewarding Iron Banner bounties would replace the old ones focused on reputation. Based on those claims, it seems like Iron Banner will, at the very least, be more rewarding.

For starters, we can see that all four of the bounties will reward players with a piece of gear upon completion. Two will give out weapons and two will give out armor. It’s assumed that those pieces will be part of the new Iron Banner set, but there has been no confirmation from Bungie.

The Year 3 bounties also seem to put the priority on simply playing Iron Banner, rather than completing specific feats within the event. No longer will players have to worry about getting the top score or getting a certain amount of heavy weapon kills; every bounty can be completed no matter a person’s play style. That being said, there are faster ways to complete the bounties, so those who want to maximize their time can focus on those feats that give more points.

If nothing else it sounds as if Bungie is sticking to its claims to make Iron Banner more inclusive and more rewarding. However, the studio has made similar claims before and not delivered – think skeleton keys – so we will have to wait until Iron Banner launches, which could be as early as next Tuesday.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: k1345NHL on Twitter

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