Destiny: Iron Banner Returns for First Time in Age of Triumph

Destiny: Iron Banner Returns for First Time in Age of Triumph - Iron Banner emblem

Two weeks into the Age of Triumph update for Destiny, and fans have yet to see the return of the popular Iron Banner event, which allows players to take each other on in the Crucible with level advantages enabled. Luckily for Iron Banner enthusiasts, the event is set to return next week and will run for seven days.

Destiny fans can jump into the Iron Banner event beginning Tuesday, April 11th at 10am Pacific time, with the event concluding on April 18th at 2am Pacific. The match type will be Control, where Guardians battle each other over control points on the map. Competing in these Control matches during the Iron Banner event next week will grant players typical Crucible rewards, along with the chance to collect some new weapons and armor.

Each class has a chance to earn class-specific armor during the Iron Banner event, in addition to auto rifles and shotguns. What's more, players can collect bounties from Efrideet before joining the fray to add even more to their winnings. To see the possible rewards for competing in the Iron Banner event, check out the gallery of images below:

It looks as though Destiny fans have a lot of reasons to participate in the Iron Banner event when it finally returns to the game next week. However, players will want to make sure that they're properly equipped before joining the fray. The Age of Triumph event has resurrected old raids and introduced some new loot to the game, meaning some players could be especially deadly if they have made the effort to collect any powerful new armor or weapons.

Since there is still four days to go until the Iron Banner event returns, Destiny fans have plenty of time to prepare themselves for the upcoming battles. Anyone worried that they will be beaten by Guardians with superior gear may want to get a group together to complete one of the game's raids and upgrade their arsenal.

Of course, Guardians can always just jump into the Iron Banner event and hope for the best. It looks as though Bungie is going all-out with the first Iron Banner event in the Age of Triumph update, and the rewards for competing in it may be worth the risk of going into the fight with lesser armor.

Destiny is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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