Destiny: How to Beat the Deathsinger Ir Yut Challenge Mode in Crota's End

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This week Destiny kicked off the launch of Age of Triumph with the promise of new vendors, a massive record book, and the most exciting element, refreshed raids. This week's featured raid is Crota's End, and unlike in Year 1, Destiny's second ever raid now features two Challenge Modes: one for Ir Yut, the Deathsinger and one for Crota.

While it may seem like Ir Yut would be an easy challenge to complete, there are a few new mechanics to consider if players want to do it right. There are several ways to take out Ir Yut, but only one way will reward the new raid armor, ornaments, and weapons that players want.

New Challenge Mechanics

First off, time is of the essence in this encounter, so raid teams will want to assign roles to make sure that everything is done quickly and that no one is out of place. Because there is a time limit to the fight, it won't be easy to adjust should things go wrong.

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The fight starts as players will always remember, with the same basic rules and mechanics. Once a raid team exits the starting area, a hidden timer begins. If that time runs out, Ir Yut will finish her song and wipe the team.

However, this time around, players need to focus immediately on every enemy in sight. In order to trigger a later phase that provides the sword necessary to complete the Challenge Mode, every enemy need to be cleared from the area.

That means the major Knights that players often jump over at the start need to be dealt with, as well as the enemies on the ground floor. Then, and only then can players can proceed as they normally would.

The Best Ir Yut Challenge Strategy

The most common strategy is to split into two teams of three, one team going left and the other going right. Both teams will take out the Knights in their respective towers, then one player will go inside the room toward Ir Yut and draw out the Wizard so the rest of the team can take it out.

After that, kill the Shriekers on each side of the crystal room to lower the energy walls. While all that is business as usual for this encounter, here's where things change more drastically.

Run into the crystal room where Ir Yut is, but do not damage the boss. The team's focus should be the major Knights that enter the room when the glass shatters. Once that is done (and as long as teams did their jobs and cleared the rest of the adds earlier), Ir Yut will scream, summoning a new wave of enemies.

Go back outside and split up to take out three major Knights that spawn in each upper level of the towers (heavy weapons and exotic swords like Dark-Drinker or Raze-Lighter work well here), while other players should focus on two Ogres that come out of the bottom of the towers.

Once those enemies are cleared, the door in the center of the area will open and a Swordbearer Knight will emerge. Kill it quickly, pick up the sword, and run to Ir Yut. A single heavy, right trigger attack will kill her and complete the Challenge Mode.

For completing the Challenge Mode, players will be rewarded with one of the new exotic Adept elemental primaries, an emblem, and an Ornament for the new raid armor.

Be sure to also check out Game Rant's guide to completing the Challenge Mode for the final Crota fight in this week's.

Destiny: Rise of Iron and Age of Triumph is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

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