Bungie has apparently begun warning players with poor Internet, saying that if the situation doesn’t fix itself then those players will be banned from Destiny‘s PvP.

Although Bungie has taken strides to improve the online experience in the Crucible, Destiny’s PvP multiplayer segment, the studio has still been fighting an uphill battle. However, if a recent player photo is any indication, it sounds as though Bungie will soon crack down on Crucible lag at the source.

While we can’t verify the validity of the message, one Destiny player has come forward with an alleged warning message from Bungie. The message warns that the player’s connection is less than optimal for online PvP, and should things not improve he/she will be banned from any Crucible activities.

At this point it’s hard to tell how many Destiny players have received a similar message from Bungie, but this is the first we are seeing of the warning. Previously, Bungie had detailed plans to correct server connection and input problems via a system the studio calls the ‘Damage Referee’, but this is more extreme. Rather than let players run around with an advantage, Bungie is instead going to keep those players out altogether.

The good news is that these Destiny players won’t be kept from the entire game, but only the PvP elements. Raids, strikes, and story missions will still be available, and in most cases a poor connection offers no advantage in those PvE modes. In fact, having a player with a poor connection on a raid team can actually negatively impact the experience, whereas in Crucible it can turn that player into an unstoppable teleporting killing machine.

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Some may see this course of action as extreme, and in some respects it is. Consistent and reliable Internet may be easily attainable for some, but for others it’s not. Monetary means, service providers, and infrastructure problems can all stand in the way of delivering quality connections. And now, to make matters worse, that player is going to be denied a segment of the game and expansion they paid for. Ideally, this message is presumably to serve as a wake up call – to say that, “Hey, your Internet connection is becoming a problem.”

On the flip side, Destiny has built a strong community over the last two years, and those players expect a quality multiplayer experience. Yes, it’s a harsh punishment, but if it improves online PvP it may be necessary.

For now, though, it’s a wait and see situation regarding these online connection warnings. We know that they exist but there’s no guarantee that Bungie will act just yet. The Destiny devs tend to be fairly lenient when it comes to punishments, provided players aren’t outright modifying the code or cheating for personal gain.

Have you seen a warning message about your Destiny connection? Do you think that Bungie should ban people with poor connections from the Crucible?

Source: Reddit