In the Destiny Twitch stream this week, Bungie reveals that the infusion system is getting tweaked and will now always guarantee a 1 to 1 swap when infusing gear or weapons.

The countdown until the April 12 content update has begun for many, if not all Destiny fans. After a serious drought in content, Bungie has been preparing a fairly large update that promises to not only provide new gear for players to earn, but a completely revamped Prison of Elders experience as well. As detailed in the most recent Bungie Twitch stream, the item infusion system is also getting overhauled into something a little more player friendly.

The infusion system in Destiny was introduced last year in The Taken King expansion in place of the old reforging mechanic. Essentially, it allows players to take an unwanted piece of gear that has better stats and use it to level up a lower end piece of gear. The problem was that this mechanic wouldn’t always take that lower item and raise it to the level of the item being infused. This led to some frustrations as players wouldn’t always get the best possible outcome when infusing gear or weapons.

Infusion now 1 to 1. No more wasted Light.
— Cozmo (@Cozmo23) March 30, 2016

In this new update however, infusion guarantees that the process will always be a 1 to 1 trade and that there will be no more lost light. For example, using infusion to combine a 330 light level item into something that is only at 315 will then raise that lower item to 330, making the process much more safer and predictable than before.

April Update: Earn Light Level 335 gear

✅Challenge of the Elders
✅Trials of Osiris
✅Iron Banner
✅King's Fall Hard Mode
✅Exotic Engrams
— Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) March 30, 2016

The infusion system will no doubt be helped along by the news that the April update will also raise the light level cap from 320 to 335. To help players bolster their light level even further, greater rewards have been added to the many modes available in the game including Heroic and Nightfall Strikes, the Court of Oryx, and even multiplayer based events like Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner.

New gear includes Taken inspired armor for each class in Destiny and also armor that allows players to further customize their gear through Chroma customization. On certain armor sets, players will be able to customize the color glow emanating off of the armor in either red, blue, white, or yellow. Players will need to reroll the armor for 100 glimmer in order to change the color.

Is this update enough to bring you back to Destiny or are you off of the bandwagon entirely? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

The April update is free for all Destiny: The Taken King players and is set to arrive in a few weeks on April 12.

Source: Destiny April Update Hub