A new glitch discovered in Destiny allows for Sunbreaker Titans and Bladedancer Hunters to have an infinite Super, which works in both PvE and PvP content.

One of the unique gameplay features of Destiny is a player’s Super ability, a highly effective perk that takes time to charge up and then is gone either instantaneously or after a short timer. But from time to time, a glitch is discovered in Destiny that allows players to exploit their Super.

This newest glitch allows for Sunbreaker Titans and Bladedancer Hunters to have infinite Supers, which will last until that player’s character is killed or part of the glitch is reversed. Worst of all, this glitch will work in both PvE and PvP.

The glitch was posted to the Destiny subreddit, showing how to accomplish it. It requires players to activate their Super while also getting onto their Sparrow, then swapping to and from a Primary weapon. When players dismount from their Sparrow, they will have infinite Super.

This glitch allows for Sunbreakers to throw endless Hammers of Sol and Bladedancers to blink, strike, and use sub-abilities like Showstopper, Razor’s Edge, and Vanish without any penalty to their Super meter. Players can get the most mileage out of this glitch with these two subclasses.

The glitch does in fact activate with the other roaming Super subclasses, like Stormcaller and Gunslinger, but Stormcallers can only activate their lightning once (although they could potentially hold down the buttons and continue the lightning indefinitely) and Gunslingers still only get three shots to fire.

Sunbreaker vs Bladedancer

Bungie has yet to respond to this glitch, and if it was an unknown glitch before now, it has surely jumped to the top of the developer’s list of things to fix. There is a planned Hot Fix today, which will rebalance the game’s weapons and subclasses; however such a bug fix (if Bungie already knew about it) could realistically be included in Hot Fix It has happened before that major game breaking glitches have been patched before the fanbase at large has caught wind of it.

Left unchecked, this glitch could cause serious mayhem in the Crucible, and even be used unfairly in PvE to cheese through encounters like the Wrath of the Machine raid. It’s probably a bad idea to use the glitch, especially in the Crucible, as it is considered an exploit and players who use it will likely be reported by fellow players and could even be banned by Bungie. In fact, Bungie regularly swings its banhammer without warning and can shut off players’ access to Destiny altogether depending on the offense.

In the past, fans discovered bugs that broke the landscape of the Crucible such as the Infinite Shadowshot glitch or the Golden Gun exploit. These tend to be top priorities, so it will definitely be worth checking the Patch Notes for Hot Fix when they are released later today. If it is not included, Bungie could potentially be patching the game for a second time this week, or even cancel Trials of Osiris this weekend like Bungie has done in similar situations in the past when a patch can’t get out quickly enough.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.