'Destiny' Leaks Show New Multiplayer Modes, House of Wolves Content

As Bungie continually works on future content for Destiny, there's no shortage of leaks detailing some of what's to come.  We've seen some of the new weapons and armor that will be featured in the popular game's next expansion, House of Wolves, and now we have some new information regarding updates to the game's PvP.

Thanks to some sleuthing by Reddit user megamanexe4, it looks like fans will be seeing a new modifier mode to tackle in the Crucible very soon, with more to come when the House of Wolves DLC drops.

In as early as March, Bungie will be rolling out the Inferno variant in the Crucible. The Inferno variant challenges Guardians by removing radar, supers, gear bonuses – ensuring that only kills will earn players points. Think of this as a "hardcore" modifier on the PvP game modes.

Inferno has been mentioned before, and reportedly discovered on a Grimoire card, however we now have screenshots to pair with the past mumblings and solidify those reports. Based on the screenshots (below), Inferno will be available in Control, Clash and Salvage – with Inferno Salvage being a House of Wolves exclusive and the rest part of the Dark Below package.

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The leak also provides purported dates for when we can expect to jump into the upcoming PvP events: Inferno Control on 3/3;  Doubles Skirmish and Iron Banner on 3/17; and Inferno Clash and Combined Arms on 3/31. Inferno Salvage is yet to be dated since it's part of the House of Wolves package, which also doesn't have a hard date as of yet.

That said, it looks like there's some exciting updates on the way to Destiny's PvP, however Bungie has yet to confirm any of these leaks. The screenshots do provide some solid evidence, but keep in mind that Bungie's Community Manager, DeeJ, mentioned that there are many placeholders found in the depths of the game's database and anything can change.

What are your thoughts on the Inferno PvP modifier? What else would you like to see tweaked or added in future Destiny updates?

Destiny: The Dark Below is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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