Destiny: Hypogeum Strike From ‘The Dark Below’ DLC Discovered

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Since the game launched just weeks ago, it seems that Destiny has dominated the news; not all that shocking considering who was behind it (and just how long a plan they have in place). But what is surprising is just how varied the wealth of coverage has become.When players weren’t busy finding locations to most effectively grind loot through an endless slaughter, they even managed to break through walls and take a test drive of DLC environments not even unlocked yet.

While the locked location on Venus set to be unlocked with the House of Wolves DLC, players were not as quick to uncover a passage through to a similar spot on Venus. Now that nut has been cracked, as ‘The Hypogeum Strike’ – set to be accessible when the game’s Dark Below DLC is released in December – has been discovered by YouTuber ‘Se7ensins.’

As they note, there are unfortunately no dead Ghosts to be salvaged in the area. However, the environment shows what players can expect from at least the physical layout of the Level 20 Strike. Still, the polished nature of the areas isn’t going to help calm the suspicions of players preparing to pay money for content that seems to be at least partially on the disc already (minus the enemies to populate it). It’s the fallout from Bungie’s previous DLC plans being leaked continuing to rear their head, and while the studio is no doubt used to some harsh criticism, players are clearly still happy to devote hours to the game’s existing content.

Destiny Hypogeum DLC Video

In truth, Bungie has enough pressure being placed on them by the game’s ongoing Iron Banner event, intended to be a chance for high-level players to use their most powerful equipment in PvP, but already facing accusations of not functioning as promised. And as more and more next-gen games rely on sprawling game worlds and post-launch support, well… just because other games haven’t had their on-disc content broken into doesn’t mean it isn’t there just the same.

For the time being, it seems as if the DLC can’t arrive soon enough, as players have managed to master the first raid – the Vault of Glass – to the point of completing it with only a pair of Guardians. Whether that’s a sign that the developers need to fine-tune or increase the balance and difficulty going forward – that’s something that Bungie will likely be discussing over the coming months.

On the off chance that you’ll be one of the many thousands of Destiny players attempting to follow the video’s route, or simply leveling up your Guardian(s) this weekend, be sure to read our summary of Xur’s location and inventory before heading out.

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Source: Se7ensins