Destiny Guide: How to Get the Necrochasm

Destiny Guide - How to Get Necrochasm

[UPDATE 3/28/17: With the release of the Age of Triumph event and refreshed Crota’s End, the Necrochasm acquisition process has changed significantly. Read on for the new quest.]

Step 1: Kill Hive enemies to earn the Husk of the Pit, the common auto rifle.

Step 2: “Charge” the Husk of the Pit by killing a specific type of Hive enemy numerous times. Which Hive enemy players have to kill is randomly determined when the Husk of the Pit drops. It could be Wizards, Knights, etc.

Step 3: Upgrade the nodes on the Husk of the Pit and talk to The Speaker in the Tower.

Step 4: Purge the Darkness from the Husk of the Pit using 25 Motes of Light, thereby turning the weapon into the Eidolon Ally. This will trigger a quest chain with Eris called ‘Essence of the Oversoul’

Step 5: Complete the Essence of the Oversoul quest by Traversing the Abyss in Crota’s End, completing Crota’s End at light level 390, and killing Omnigul in the Will of Crota strike.

Step 6: With the quest complete and the Essence of the Oversoul in-hand, use it to upgrade the Eidolon Ally to the Necrochasm.

The new Necrochasm has a few cool advantages, including slots for ornaments and an improvement to its unique perk. Now, any kill will result in a Cursed Thrall explosion instead of only precision kills.

destiny age of triumph necrochasm

Ever since Bungie opened the Vault of Glass doors, Destiny players have been in a quest for the raid's best loot. Some have fought tooth and nail for pieces of raid gear, while others have turned their focus towards ultimate power – power that carries the name Vex Mythoclast.

Although the Vex Mythoclast was much stronger before its nerf, the exotic primary fusion rifle is still a formidable weapon. Sure, the Ice Breaker and Gjallarhorn may be more useful than the Vex in specific situations – like taking down Crota by yourself – but it's hard to deny the Mythoclast is one of Destiny's best weapons.

However, now that The Dark Below has launched, and brought with it a new attack power threshold of 331, many Destiny players have begun to wonder whether the DLC includes its own Vex Mythoclast. Well, we may have found it, but we won't know for sure until the hard version of Crota's End launches in January.

The Necrochasm

Necrochasm Upgrade Path

The weapon in question is called the Necrochasm and it's an auto rifle capable of doing arc damage. But where most solid auto rifle options are high impact but low fire rate, the Nechrocasm is high fire rate but low impact. It seemingly overwhelms enemies with dozens of weaker bullets, but it's real value comes with an ability where almost every precision kill triggers a Cursed Thrall explosions, essentially turning every enemy into a walking bomb.

And also unlike the Vex Mythoclast, getting the Necrochasm is a much more involved process. It requires obtaining and then evolving two separate weapons, and hoping for a special random drop from beating Crota. Needless to say, players will have to put in some serious effort if they want to get the auto rifle, which leads us to believe it might one of, if not the strongest gun in the game.


Step 1: Get Husk of the Pit Auto Rifle

Destiny Husk of the Pit Gun

First things first, you need the Husk of the Pit. This common rifle will only drop from killing a Blade of Crota Hive enemy, which can be found either during one of the random rituals on Earth/the Moon or during the Fist of Crota DLC mission. For some, the Husk of Pit will drop after only a few Blades of Crota kills, while for others it might take a lot of farming. Also make sure not to dismantle the weapon, as it is a white rarity gun and could easily be overlooked.

Once you have yourself a Husk of the Pit, you'll need to level it up. However unlike most weapons the Husk of the Pit doesn't use experience to fill out its upgrade ability. Rather, the only way to make it stronger is by killing Hive...a lot of Hive. In total, players will need to kill 500 Hive enemies using the Husk of the Pit to fill out its single upgrade ability. Any mission with lots of Hive is a solid candidate for completing the kills, but we'd recommend running the early "We've awoken the Hive" section from 'The Dark Beyond' mission on the moon.


Step 2: Upgrade Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally

Destiny Eidolon Ally

Once that task is completed, players will need to obtain an Embalming Orb from Eris to finish the Husk of the Pit's evolution. Embalming Orbs are cheap, only requiring 10 Black Wax Idols. Unfortunately, Eris won't sell the Orb to you unless you have her Crota's Bane reputation up to rank 3. So, it's best to start working on those Eris bounties even if you don't have the Husk of Pit yet.

After getting the 500 Hive kills and the Embalming Orb, the Husk of the Pit will evolve into a legendary auto rifle called the Eidolon Ally. The Eidolon Ally has similar stats to the Husk of Pit – high fire rate and low impact – but carries an actual upgrade path. And upgrading the Eidolon Ally takes plain old experience.

Step 3: Kill Crota

Destiny Crotas End Solo Video

Now here is where the randomization comes in. Once players have fully upgraded their Eidolon Ally, after upgrading the Husk of Pit, they will need a Crux of Crota to finish off the weapon's transformation. However, the Crux of Crota can't be bought from Eris, but instead only comes from defeating Crota in the hard mode raid.

Since the hard version of Crota's End is not yet available, we can't say just how hard it will be to get a Crux of Crota, but we doubt it will be a cinch. Like with the Vex Mythoclast, there are sure to be players who get the Crux on their very first try, while others will be searching for a while.

Step 4: Beat Crota on Hard

Crotas End

Finally, once you have the Crux and the Eidolon Ally, the final step is to kill 500 more Hive enemies to complete the transformation. Then, players will finally have their very own Necrochasm, a fast-firing arc auto rifle with some deadly perks.

Since no one actually has the Necrochasm it's hard to say how it compares to other exotics or legendary weapons in the game. But that Cursed Thrall explosion perk is sure to be a useful one regardless. Not to mention, if Bungie put in so many steps on the path towards obtaining the Necrochasm, it's hard to imagine it being a useless weapon. We'll know for sure in January.

Have you started to upgrade path towards the Necrochasm? How far along are you?


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