Destiny Tip: How To Stack Age of Triumph Ornaments Past 10

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For the past two weeks, Destiny players have been filling out their new record books, tackling newly remastered raids, and partaking in new quests to earn special loot in the Age of Triumph update. While this latest and last update provided a lot more things for players to do, it also appears to have stealthily changed the way some items stack as well.

Over on Reddit, word has started to spread that the new Age of Triumph ornaments in Destiny can no longer be placed in a stack past ten in total. Attempting to do so essentially removes any excess items, making them disappear for good. While previous item behavior lets them appear back in the player inventory in a new stack or sent to the postmaster until the player reclaims it, any ornaments above the ten limit thresh hold are simply removed entirely.

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While that may come off as restrictive, especially for those players who are waiting for the final two raids at a shot at its gear, players have found a few workarounds to this inconvenience. Players are able to store only one stack of ten Age of Triumph ornaments in their vault, account wide, as well as ten on each character. So all in all, players could realistically hold forty in total at a time provided they have three characters on their account.

Currently, the only way to obtain these tokens is through the weekly featured raid playlist along with the corresponding challenge modes. These items are fairly important to most high level players as they enable alternative looks for the new raid set gear that was introduced in this most recent content update.

As Bungie revealed a few weeks back in one of its livestreams, the new Age of Triumph raid armor for each class has some really elaborate designs unlocked with the help of these new ornaments. The armor obtain from Crota's End features neon green spikes and horns, while the Vault of Glass gear features a Vex inspired design with holographic overlays. It's clear why players are so enamored with these ornaments, and with King's Fall and Wrath of the Machine still left to arrive over the next two weeks, there should be ample opportunity to use any excess ornaments.

Do you have a problem with the item limit placed on these ornaments? Share your thoughts with us below.

Destiny: Age of Triumph is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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