Destiny Guide: How to Complete Quarantine Patrols


With Destiny's Patrol mode getting a shot in the arm thanks to the new Plaguelands zone, don't miss the new Quarantine mission nodes that were added in Rise of Iron.

Destiny fans are back on the grind this week, trying to reach the new Light level cap and prepare themselves for the Wrath of the Machine raid that launches tomorrow. Outside of the new story mission and quests, Destiny: Rise of Iron introduced the Plaguelands Patrol zone.

The SIVA-infested section of Old Russia is filled with the usual Patrol missions, which award Vanguard reputation, like Kill, Scan, Collect, Survey, and High Value Target missions. But the Plaguelands adds a new mission type: Quarantine.

The mission is signified by the SIVA symbol, which can be seen in the image below. Like all missions, these are randomly generated in the Plaguelands. Quarantine missions task players with defeating a Major (yellow bar) Devil Splicer enemy, then securing a marked zone from waves of enemies. This mission type also spawns in a flaming axe that players can use to take out the Splicer rushing in.


In a way, the Quarantine mission is a preview of what is awaiting players in Archon's Forge, the new wave-based Arena mode in the Plaguelands. Archon's Forge is a bigger undertaking than these singular events, consisting of multiple waves and a major boss at the end.

Patrolling the Plaguelands plays a role in completing the Gjallarhorn quest and the Rise of Iron record book, which leads to unlocking the Days of Iron armor set. So it will be helpful to know this new Patrol mission symbol while exploring the space.

One of these Quarantine missions can be seen in this video by The Adventures of an Ethan on YouTube.


Most of the dedicated Destiny player base is currently trying to level up as quickly as possible for the raid, which will launch tomorrow. A new trailer for Wrath of the Machine was released earlier today teasing launch. Level is even more important this time around for the raid as Bungie has said that it will be possible to overlevel for the raid, making the raid easier overall. And with players finding ways to surpass the intended Light level cap of 385, the raid and the upcoming Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris PvP events could lead to a large Light discrepancy between players.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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