Destiny Guide: How to Get to the Top of Felwinter Peak

destiny rise of iron felwinter peak

Reach the very top of Destiny's new social space, Felwinter Peak, by completing this tricky jumping puzzle for a collectible and view that may be Destiny's best.

As Destiny fans dig into the game's new Rise of Iron expansion, they are finding Easter eggs along the way. Besides the wolf howling Easter egg discovered with the Gjallarwing Sparrow, one of the first to be discovered was a secret jumping puzzle on Felwinter Peak.

For those who are able to venture off the beaten path of the new social space, they will reach the very pinnacle of Felwinter Peak. As long as they are able to conquer a challenging jumping puzzle. But with the help of this video guide from Arekkz Gaming, players should be able to overcome the platforming obstacle without too much trouble:


Once players reach their goal at the top of the mountain, they will find a burning fire a view that's second to none in Destiny — and in a game that features some stunning vistas, that is saying something. And fans seem to be really loving it:




Also at the finish line of the jumping puzzle is a Dormant SIVA Cluster, a new collectible in Rise of Iron that unlocks new Grimoire and may be part of the journey to the suspected raid exotic. Fans expect these items to play a role beyond lore, similar to how Calcified Fragments functioned in The Taken King. More answers to that theory could be coming later this week when the new Wrath of the Machine raid debuts.

The biggest challenge of jumping to the top of Felwinter Peak may very well be staying calm. Bungie has put some devious jumps in this platforming section, and if players hit them at any time they'll be sent hurtling back down the mountain to start again.


There aren't many tips or tricks to getting to the top other than to watch the correct path. The only real tip is to be sure to max your Agility stat to get a little bit of extra distance when jumping.

This is the second major secret on Felwinter Peak. The other is the Easter egg that unlocks the hidden "Sing the Iron Song" trophy/achievement. Bungie loves its Easter eggs, so it will be interesting to see what happens as time goes on and players explore more of Rise of Iron, especially within the new Wrath of the Machine raid.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Arekkz Gaming

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