Destiny Guide: How to Get all the Festival of the Lost Masks

By | 12 months ago 

Players who signed into Destiny yesterday were met with a surprise—the Tower had been decked out in decorations for Halloween, in what Bungie has dubbed the Festival of the Lost. Here’s how to get the most out of Destiny‘s limited-time Halloween event:

Getting Started

When Guardians first arrive in the Tower, they can visit Eva Levante, the Guardian Outfitter on the north side of the social hub. She has a quest to kick off the festivities and gives players an Empty Candy Satchel to collect candy, which is first earned by visiting the Tower’s vendors. Players will also get their first Gifts of the Lost item, which will give them a mask to start. After the initial quest, she has three more quests, which reward more masks and consumables upon completion.


Masks and Consumables

There are 17 masks to collect, including ones that look like the Cryptarch, the Speaker, and even Oryx. They all drop randomly from Gifts of the Lost or Treasures of the Lost. The Masks are purely cosmetic, but some specific ones are required to complete Eva’s three quests. Rare/Blue masks will disappear at the end of the Festival on November 9, while Legendary/Purple Masks will remain past the end of the event.

Also dropping randomly from the Gifts of the Lost are consumables. Here’s what they do:

Salty Engram – Primary weapon telemetry

Sugary Engram – Special weapon telemetry

Sour Engram – Heavy weapon telemetry

Fruit Motes – increases Glimmer drops from Fallen enemies

Void Fizz – increases Glimmer drops from Hive enemies

Glimmer Chew – increases Glimmer drops from Vex enemies

Chocolate Strange Coins – increases Glimmer drops from Cabal enemies

All these consumables last for 30 minutes. Other consumables that can drop from the Gifts of the Lost are the Jackolyte, which puts a jack-o-lantern head on your Guardian (and can be combined with a mask for some interesting results) and Flight of Shadows, which changes the appearance of a character’s respawn, surrounding a Guardian on spawn with a pack of bats.

The other two very important items to collect during the Festival of the Lost are Paper Scraps and Paper Glue. Paper Scraps are earned from Gifts of the Lost or from dismantling masks. Turn in four Paper Scraps to Eva Levante to get another Gifts of the Lost item.

Paper Glue can also be found as a drop or from dismantling Legendary Masks. Use Paper Glue on any Rare level mask to upgrade it to a Legendary and keep it after the Festival of the Lost ends.

Destiny Screenshot Hive Attack

How to Farm Candy

Candy is earned by getting kills in PvE or PvP while any mask is equipped. If you’re not trying to farm, and just want to earn candy while playing, simply equip a mask during any activity. For those trying to get the most candy in the shortest amount of time, the best places to go are the tried and true spots: The Dark Beyond or The Siege of the Warmind story missions. If you have a high enough Light level with a mask equipped to do the Heroic versions of these missions, there are plenty of Majors to kill, which drop more Candy. Once the Empty Candy Satchel has been filled, return to Eva Levante for another Gifts of the Lost. Rinse and repeat.

Eververse and Mictrotransactions

Tess Everis, the new microtransactions vendor in the Tower, is offering new emotes during the event. There are three special Halloween themed emotes, including the Thriller dance, known as the Zombie Dance in-game. These are available for purchase and range from 300 ($3) to 700 ($7) Silver. Unfortunately for those on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the Thriller dance is not available. These Halloween emotes can only be purchased during the Festival, but once purchased, will always remain on characters.

Treasures of the Lost items can also be purchased from Tess, for those players who would rather spend money than grind for masks. But with the event going until November 9, and the fact that all the drops from the Treasures of the Lost are random, there’s no real reason to buy them.

New Crucible Map

Destiny Skull Mask

A few weeks ago, when Patch 2.0.1 was released, dataminers discovered a new Crucible map called Cathedral of Dusk, which is located on the Dreadnaught. Many assumed it would be the first map of Trials of Osiris when it returned, but instead, it has launched with the Festival of the Lost.

The map has been added to Destiny’s map pool, so there is a random chance of getting it on any Crucible playlist. Once the Festival ends, though, Cathedral of Dusk will remain as a permanent Crucible map for players who have purchased The Taken King expansion.


There are three quests that players pick up from Eva Levante, all of which reward more Gifts of the Lost. Players will need specific masks to complete them, so if they are missing some, keeping grinding out Gifts of the Lost. Here’s how to complete the quests.

  • For the “Face Off!” quest, don any Engram mask and go into any Crucible mode and rack up 30 kills. Then equip the Crota mask and get five sword kills in the Crucible.
  • For “The Masks We Wear” quest, complete one Court of Oryx event aboard the Dreadnaught wearing The Traveler mask, and then a Heroic Strike with The Speaker mask. For the Heroic Strike, you just have to have the mask equipped at the very end of the Strike. Also, keep an eye on your Light level for these two events as your Light will drop while wearing a mask.
  • Finally for the “Playing Pretend” quest, put on the Atheon mask and jump, or “trip,” off the Tower (a nod to the Vault of Glass when players were able to push Atheon off his platform). Then head to the Court of Oryx. With the Tiger mask on, completing one Court of Oryx event will count as the requirement for three public events. The Court of Oryx also drops a lot of engrams. While you’re there, equip the Cryptarch mask and pick up engrams with the mask equipped.

The Festival of the Lost ends November 9. If you want to make some of the masks from the event in real life, Bungie has posted patterns to follow here.

Have you collected all of Destiny‘s Festival of the Lost masks? Are there any eluding you?