Destiny Guide: How to Get SIVA Offerings & Use Them in Archon's Forge


Much like Court of Oryx, Archon’s Forge is the new arena-based public event for Destiny players to enjoy with their Rise of Iron expansion. It’s a great source of loot, can offer a challenge, and is fairly painless to complete on the lower levels. However, some might not know how exactly Archon’s Forge works – specifically, how to trigger the event using SIVA offerings. It’s fairly simple, but only to those who understand the basics.

How Archon's Forge Works

Archon’s Forge itself is Destiny: Rise of Iron’s version of Court of Oryx. Any player on patrol can participate in an Archon’s Forge event, but one player must be responsible for “starting” the event.

After Archon’s Forge begins, any players who want to participate must jump into the arena (you will be locked out if you do not) and get ready for a fight. A timer will appear on the left side of the screen, and various enemies will start to come out of the doors spread around the Archon’s Forge.

Eventually, once the players have eliminated enough enemies to reach 100%, a boss will appear in the center of the room (think Prison of Elders) and occasionally a set of Rise of Iron axes will also appear. These axes are called boons in Archon Forge terminology; so if you need to complete that Iron Temple bounty make sure to earn axes.

Once the boss falls, a random number of players will earn unique Archon’s Forge loot, which includes different types of armor and weapons. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why someone earns loot, but it does appear the player who activated the event has the highest chance. It’s also worth mentioning that the difficulty of the event does not correlate to drops; each Archon’s Forge showdown has the chance to give all players loot.

What Are SIVA Offerings

Speaking of those difficulties, Archon’s Forge can be activated using three different types of consumables. These are called SIVA Offerings and they come in three varieties: Fused, Enhanced, and Perfected.

On top of that each of the three different types of Offerings can carry one of five enemy boss types: Captains, Vandals, Dregs, Servitors, and Shanks. So, in total there are 15 different types of Archon’s Forge events to trigger, but even those can vary the bosses that appear.

destiny siva offerings
  • Fused SIVA Offering: Recommended light level 320. Common in rarity. Easiest to find.
  • Enhanced SIVA Offering: Recommended light level 340. Uncommon in rarity.
  • Perfected SIVA Offering: Recommended light level 360. Legendary in rarity.

How to Get SIVA Offerings

Now that Destiny players know of the different types of SIVA Offerings, it’s time to go out and search for one. We say one because players can only hold one SIVA Offering in their inventory at a time. That being said, players can transfer the SIVA Offerings to their vault using the Destiny Companion App and pick up another. But keep in mind that once the player wants to start running Archon’s Forge events they must transfer the SIVA Offerings only after they have used one.

Collecting SIVA Offerings is a random process, but if players know where to look they should have no problem collecting one in a couple of minutes. SIVA Offerings will drop from a Splicer enemy anywhere in the Plaguelands. We recommend hanging out in Archon’s Keep – the patrol area right outside the Archon’s Forge – and killing any Splicer Vandals, Dregs, Servitors, and Shanks that appear. Eventually one should drop a SIVA offering; you will recognize one by a tiny white engram that looks similar to the runes for Court of Oryx.

It’s also possible to earn SIVA Offerings from killing enemies within the Archon’s Forge, but there is no guarantee. However, the more players are participating in the event at a time, then the more chances there are for one to drop and for the rounds to keep going.

rise of iron archons forge axe

It may have similar concepts to Court of Oryx, but Archon’s Forge is a slightly different beast than Destiny: The Taken King’s public event. Because the event is more rewarding to all players, and at any difficulty, we recommend everyone stop by and give it a try.

Keep in mind, though, that the Perfected SIVA Offerings will bring out a much more challenging boss than the Fused and Enhanced ones. Eventually, even the Perfected events will be trivial, but early on we recommend saving the Perfected SIVA Offerings in your vault for once you are a higher light level.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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