Destiny Guide: How to Get The First Curse Exotic Hand Cannon

By | 1 year ago 

Destiny: The Taken King handles its exotic weapons much differently than in Year One. Whereas most exotics would drop randomly, now many of them are earned by quests. At this point, a little over a month after the launch of The Taken King, players are starting to unlock and complete the quest for the exotic hand cannon The First Curse, the “sister” hand cannon to the popular Year One exotic The Last Word.

Here’s how to get it:

Hit Rank 5 with the Gunsmith

The quest won’t be available until you hit Rank 5 with the Gunsmith, which is achieved by field testing weapons, collecting the DVALIN fusion rifles (part of the Sleeper Simulant quest), and completing other weapon quests received from Banshee. Once Rank 5 has been reached, the quest The Right Word will show up at the Gunsmith.

Get Hand Cannon Kills

To complete The Right Word quest step, get hand cannon kills with a primary or hand cannon telemetry active. Pretty simple. Pick up a primary telemetry from the Gunsmith if you don’t already have one, activate it, then go to your planet of choice and start shooting aliens with your hand cannon of choice (or just go to The Dark Beyond story mission to “awaken the Hive” over and over again). It’ll take 250 kills. Once completed, return to Banshee.


Yep, that’s right. Wait. Bungie has been really leaning on timegating exotic quests in The Taken King, making players wait days or a week for a quest to continue. The quest for The First Curse is no different. The quest will continue on the next Armsday, which occurs on the Wednesday reset each week (2 a.m. Pacific time).

Destiny Gunsmith Upgrade

Infuse and Kill

Once Armsday has arrived, the Gunsmith will hand over a hand cannon called Imprecation. Players are tasked with infusing Imprecation, which starts at 200 Attack, to 260 Attack. Just pick weapons high enough in your inventory to Infuse Imprecation up to 260—infusing two weapons at 280+ Attack will do the trick.

The next step requires getting a 7-kill spree in PvE with Imprecation. The kills need to be quick to count as a spree. There’s another snag—Imprecation only has six rounds and the spree requires seven. But Imprecation has the Triple Tap perk, which grants a round back to the magazine after landing three rapid precision kills. The best way to complete this step is to head to either The Siege of the Warmind or The Dark Beyond Story Mission, line up Thralls, make sure at least three of the early shots are precision kills so Triple Tap perk will activate, and then just fire away killing seven Thrall quickly.

After that, you’ll take Imprecation into the Crucible. To wrap up this section of The First Curse quest, get seven precision kills in the Crucible using Imprecation. These kills do not have to be in a row, nor does dying set back progress. It just has to be seven precision kills with Imprecation within one game. Once completed, return to Banshee and…

Wait Again

Yes, wait again until the next Armsday. But once Armsday returns, the Gunsmith will just hand over The First Curse. The exotic hand cannon drops at 290 Attack.

A Blessing or a Curse?

The First Curse is meant to be the yin to The Last Word’s yang. Whereas The Last Word encouraged hip firing rapid shots from close range, The First Curse is a slow-firing, high impact gun meant to be aimed down sights from distance for precision damage. With its namesake perk, “Precision kills while aiming down sights grant increased range and stability until the next reload.” The problem is with only eight rounds in the magazine, players won’t be able to take advantage of this perk for long in PvP, where it will take three or more shots to down an enemy. It’s not that useful in PvE either, as the perk will only really activate when being used on low-level mobs, which could be cleared with a gun with much less impact. On majors and bosses, it will take most or all of the magazine, which means the main perk will never be used.

For those reasons, the general consensus about The First Curse by the Destiny community is “meh.” Unless Bungie patches the gun in the future, it doesn’t seem like The First Curse will be getting much use by the majority of players.

Have you gotten The First Curse in Destiny? What do you think of it?