Destiny: How to Easily Get the Husk of the Pit

destiny husk of the pit

With the Age of Triumph underway in Destiny, Guardians everywhere have been scouring in-game content to see what has changed - a practice that has been in place since the halcyon days of the Loot Cave exploit. While there haven't been any reports of any game-breaking glitches, though, there have been several quality of life upgrades included in the Age of Triumph that have been made to updated missions, raids, and item drops. One such change has impacted the way Guardians acquire the fabled Necrochasm, one of the most popular auto rifles in Destiny history and a must-have for many players on their way up the raiding ladder in Bungie's sci-fi epic.

Acquiring the Husk of the Pit is the first step to getting the Necrochasm in Destiny, and while that process has changed significantly, so too has actually coming up with the Husk of the Pit. Early reports are suggesting that the Husk of the Pit is now much easier to get, and that players need only follow a simple process to ensure they are rewarded with the item in relatively few attempts. That's a big change, especially now that the Necrochasm itself has been upgraded to have an even better unique perk - read on to ensure your Guardian is joining in on the Cursed Thrall explosion bonanza.

Head to the Shrine of Oryx

destiny shrine of oryx

The easiest way to get the Husk of the Pit is to simply kill the Ogre during the Shrine of Oryx mission. Guardians need to run through the mission, ignoring enemies and distractions as they go, until they arrive at the area right before players can enter the boss room in the Darkness zone. There, an Ogre will spawn, and since the players looking for the Husk of the Pit will likely be extremely well-equipped to deal with it, is it a startlingly efficient and quick kill.

Rinse and Repeat

After the Ogre dies, simply check if the Husk of the Pit was dropped. If it was, Guardians can congratulate themselves on a job well one and progress through the rest of the new Necrochasm chain in Destiny's Age of Triumph. If not, players need only leap to their doom by jumping off the edge of the area, and they will respawn in the same location alongside a brand new Ogre.


Ultimately, while the rate on the drop still can vary quite dramatically, this method has been rewarding Guardians with faster drops while also offering a much quicker series of attempts than one would traditionally expect from any sort of Destiny loot farming. It's simple, but it works - and any time-saver on the lengthy Necrochasm quest chain will likely be a welcome addition to the Destiny grind for players looking to acquire an iconic weapon before the release of Destiny 2 shakes up the game's world forever.

Have you discovered an even quicker way to get the Husk of the Pit? Do you like the changes to the Necrochasm? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron and Age of Triumph is available now on Xbox One and PS4.

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