Destiny: How to Beat Sepiks Perfected in Rise of Iron's New Strike


The classic strike boss from Destiny's Year One is back and has a bag of new tricks. Find out how to beat Sepiks Perfected straight away for when Rise of Iron launches.

Destiny is getting a remastered strike with Rise of Iron, in addition to the brand new strike Wretched Eye. Like many of Destiny's strikes that have been "Taken-ified" in The Taken King and the April Update, Rise of Iron will remix the first strike many players ever played, The Devil's Lair.

To see the entire new strike in action, overflowing with the new Devil Splicer enemy faction, check out Destiny YouTuber Mesa Sean's video:


Rise of Iron's version of The Devil's Lair appears to be even more changed than some of the other remastered strikes of the past. While many of the older remixed strikes feature packs of Taken among the normal enemies, this one feels a lot different.

First off, when players spawn in, they do so into the new winter version of the Cosmodrome. That carries through the strike with walls that have been cut through by the Devil Splicers and snow in the open areas. That said, the progression of the strike is much the same.

In the first main room, where players faced off against Fallen and Hive while the Ghost had to go through three rounds of hacking, players will now face off against Devil Splicers, and for only two rounds. Some of the spawn points of the enemies have changed, but the section still ends with a major Fallen Captain, albeit a Splicer version.

Destiny Rise of Iron's PlayStation 4 Exclusives

After that, in the the open area outside of Sepiks' door, the Spider Tank is no more. Instead Hive and Devil Splicer skirmish, and Guardians will have to deal with both enemies.

Finally, once fireteams reach Sepiks' room, they will find that the boss is no longer Sepiks Prime, but Sepiks Perfected (the same boss players face off against in the expansion's first story mission). This new version of the boss has been modified and transformed by SIVA, the technological virus that takes center stage in Rise of Iron. And Sepiks doesn't just look different, the fight has some new mechanics.

Whereas previously, Sepiks was pretty much a giant bullet sponge, some new mechanics have been added. At certain times of the fight, Sepiks will teleport away and gain an elemental shield rendering the giant Servitor immune to damage. At the same time, Splicer Captains spawn in with Scorch Cannons with the corresponding damage type. Kill the Captains, take their Scorch Cannons, and fire the one round at Sepiks to knock off its shield and continue damaging it.

In addition to showing off the new strike, Mesa Sean is also able to get a glimpse at the new Hoard Chest mechanic being added, which will drop strike specific loot that players can open with a Skeleton Key (which is a random drop from completing strikes). This allows players to open chests in strikes for the loot they are searching for most.

There is one other classic strike that is being remastered for Rise of Iron, The Summoning Pits, which has yet to be shown off.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20th on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Mesa Sean

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