Destiny Guide: How to Beat Qodron The Forever Eater in Prison of Elders

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In our comprehensive Prison of Elders guide we detailed how best to approach nearly ever scenario in Destiny’s new combat arena. We say nearly because there were some arenas that had yet to be revealed, and would only rotate into the Prison of Elders selection after the Tuesday reset.

Now that the Destiny reset has come and gone, we know of at least one new addition to the Prison of Elders rotation: The Forever Eater. Like other Prison of Elders arenas, The Forever Eater is comprised of five rounds of combat, culminating in a final showdown with a Destiny boss. In this case, that Destiny boss is Qodron, a giant Vex Minotaur not unlike Atheon.

While the Qodron fight might not seem that difficult, it can be challenging if players don’t know what to do. There are plenty of boss fights in Prison of Elders that require little more than killing the boss to win, but the Qodron fight adds a few additional wrinkles to combat. Specifically, The Forever Eater has a unique mechanic called ‘Jail Break’, which expands upon the ‘Detain’ mechanic from Vault of Glass.

Qodron’s Eye and Jailbreak

Essentially, the 3-player fireteam will need to focus on one of three tasks and help where needed. One player should focus on doing damage to Qodron, one should clear out any spawning enemies, and a third player should keep an eye out for a unique enemy called Qodron’s Eye.

Now, the Qodron’s Eye can be difficult to spot in the arena, but it uses the Vex Goblin design, only with some black goop covering its metallic skin. The enemy also has a yellow health bar and is named Qodron’s Eye when in a player’s weapon reticule.

Destiny Forever Eater Guide Qodron Eye

Once the player has spotted and killed the Qodron’s Eye, they will get a 30-second buff called ‘Jailbreak’. At first it won’t be entirely clear what the buff does, but eventually Qodron will detain all three fireteam members and they will try to break free. It’s certainly possible to break free of the detain bubble on your own, but the player with the Jailbreak buff will have an easier time. In essence, he or she should be able to break themselves out and then help their teammates. Once free, the fireteam should go back to their pre-established roles.

Dealing with the enemies, Qodron, and the detain bubble can get quite hectic, so it’s important to call out for assistance when needed. Qodron is the lowest priority, as he will always keep his distance. Clearing out the Adds and getting the Qodron’s Eye is more important. After running through the pattern of kill Qodron’s Eye, break free of detain, and shooting Qodron, eventually the team should watch the Vex enemy fall.

Kill Qodron in Less Than a Minute

But, there is another easier method to taking down Qodron, however it requires 3 Gjallarhorns. Like with Skolas, or any Prison of Elders boss for that matter, players can use a Titan’s Weapons of Light buff to take Qodron out in about 30 seconds with 25 rockets or so. Make sure your Gjallarhorn rockets are full, fire all of them at Qodron, take shelter in the bubble, use a heavy ammo synthesis, and then fire again. He should burn in less than a minute.

Destiny Prison of Elders

Obviously, that Gjallarhorn method is not going to be for every Destiny player, only the most elite among the community, but it does work and it requires far less of a headache. No question, The Forever Eater Prison of Elders combat arena can be tough, and it requires a lot of teamwork. Still, it’s certainly doable.

Have you beat The Forever Eater arena in Prison of Elders? What Destiny strategies did you use?