Destiny Guide: How to Beat Gulrot the Unclean in Prison of Elders

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Yesterday was the Tuesday reset for Destiny and with that came the arrival of the final Prison of Elders boss, Gulrot the Unclean. Previously, we knew that Prison of Elders would have five bosses in its rotation (between levels 32 and 34), and so far we had seen three of those four.

Currently situated in the level 34 Prison of Elders arena, Gulrot is a Hive ogre with a somewhat unique design and a new gameplay mechanic for Destiny players to contend with. He’s by no means extremely difficult, like Qodron the Forever Eater was pre-patch, but some might be having trouble felling the Prison of Elders boss. That’s where we come in.

Getting to Gulrot the Unclean this week means contending with a fair share of Hive enemies, which shouldn’t be a problem. Destiny players should watch out for Wizards and armored Hive Knights, but outside of that the level 34 Prison of Elders run-up rounds are not that much of a challenge.

The Gulrot the Unclean boss fight, on the other hand, can be difficult if players aren’t prepared. The most important element to be mindful of for this boss fight is the ‘Exposure’ modifier, which turns off shield recharge but gives Destiny guardians more shield energy. In essence, it takes more hits to tick down a shield, but once that energy is lost it never comes back.

Destiny Prison of Elders Pose

There are ways to get an added boos while Exposure is active, but there are only temporary. Any ability that grants an over-shield (melee attack, Titan’s Blessing of Light bubble, etc.) will work in a pinch, but they won’t refill the player’s health.

The only way to truly regenerate some shield energy is either by using the Red Death pulse rifle, which drains some health from every enemy it kills, or using the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun. That shotgun gives a full-team shield recovery buff that will give back some health after a kill.

After fireteams have formed potential strategies for contending with the ‘Exposure’ debuff, it’s time to face Gulrot head-on. The most direct comparison for Gulrot is Phogoth, the Hive ogre at the end of the ‘Summoning Pits’ strike. Gulrot is a bit uglier (if that’s possible), but the key point of reference is his weak spot. Like Phogoth, Gulrot’s weak point is on his chest not his head, like most other ogres.

So, as a team, the Destiny players will want to focus on doing as much damage to Gulrot’s chest as possible, while keeping close to some safe areas on the far left or right of the Prison of Elders arena. That’s because every so often Gulrot will release bile that slows all players for 10 seconds. It’s the same type of debuff that happens when Destiny players walk through a web grenade, only the screen turns green instead of white.

Gulrot will give a brief warning before the bile fills the arena so it’s important to try and find a safe spot ahead of time. We’d recommend finding an area with a single sight line so as to pick off any advancing enemies and not get hit from behind. Another great strategy is to have a Titan pop their Defender bubble and hole up there for the 10 seconds. Either way, try to hold on for the 10 seconds because without the help of shield recharge things can turn bad real quick.

Destiny Gulrot Enemy Card

There is one way to keep the bile to a minimum, though, but it requires moving around the arena. At various points during the boss fights, unique wizards called ‘Worm Keepers’ will spawn with yellow health. Killing these wizards apparently adds more time between debuffs so the fireteam can do more damage.

It’s unlikely the team will be able to kill all wizards in time, though, so be prepared to get slowed at least a few times during the fight. Aside from that, the primary focus is Gulrot’s chest and hopefully some sweet loot. If nothing else, though, players will get access to the Prison of Elders treasure room.

NOTE: As with any of the past Prison of Elders bosses – Kaliks, Qodron, Valus Trau’ug, or Urrox – it’s possible to simply burn Gulrot with Gjallarhorns. Pop a ‘Weapons of Light’ bubble, shoot all rockets, pop a heavy ammo synthesis if necessary, and then

Have you beat Gulrot in Prison of Elders? What strategy did you use to take down the Destiny boss?


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