Find out the unique modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders in Destiny and how to finish an Elders’ Sigil scorecard for the week in just two runs.

This week of Destiny‘s Challenge of the Elders sees of the very first week’s score modifier, which gives bonus to precision kills.

Here are all the modifiers Destiny fans will find facing them:

  • Fresh Troops – Some enemy squads have been fortified with additional reinforcements.
  • Juggler – No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • Precision Kill Bonus – Precision kills are worth more points.

Players can use the same general strategy with a focus on precision kills, just as they did in week 1. Kill enemies exclusively with headshots (or belly shots in the case of the Vex) and then damage the boss until another wave spawns in. Repeat this process until the point deduction timer goes into effect and then damage the boss enough to stop the timer. Rinse and repeat until no more reinforcements come in and then finish off the boss.

Players will have to make sure they are swapping between their primary and special weapons here to keep getting ammo due to the Juggler perk being active. And while Fresh Troops may seem like another negative modifier to have to deal with, it should actually help drive up the score as there will be more targets to kill, therefore more points to gain.

Destiny Challenge of Elders Vex Room

Challenge of the Elders Bosses

The first round will take players to the Hive room to face the Wretched Knight. The last time this boss was in the Challenge of Elders rotation was week 3. This boss’ trick is to summon in exploding blights over the entire map at a steady pace through the fight. Just avoid them or run through a bunch quickly to set them off so you won’t have to worry about them later.

The next boss is Keksis, the Betrayed. This Taken Archon isn’t too tough. Just make sure to stand in the orbs of Corrupted Light (similar to those in the King’s Fall raid) that Keksis summons throughout the fight. If it is not dealt with, the orb will explode giving all players the Suppressed debuff, taking away all abilities for a short time.

Lastly, Overmind Minotaur will be waiting in the Vex room in the third round. Just avoid its gaze to stay out of the containment fields the boss will deploy around players who stay in its line of sight.

Tips for High Scores

With Precision Kills being the score modifier, any class or subclass will do just fine. The main focus is weapon loadout. Take a scout rifle or hand cannon, as those tend to be weapons that are more focused on single, high-damage rounds that will make landing critical shots easier. For the Special slot, select a sniper rifle. Players will want to avoid the body-shot focused shotguns, unless running with The Chaperone sounds like fun and then players will need to focus on landing its slug into enemies’ crit spots.

The other thing to keep in mind is that generating orbs also adds to the score, so running the Nightstalker or a Defender Titan can lead to a lot of orbs generated while also not killing enemies so they can be brought down with headshots.

As always players should be looking to hit 45,000+ on each run as a fireteam. Once done, go see Variks to be rewarded with some new April Update gear.

Do you have a build or strategy for maximizing your score in Destiny‘s Challenge of the Elders this week? Let us know in the comments below!