Destiny Guide: How to Get Radiant Treasure

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Learn about all the ways players can get their hands on new customization options called ornaments through Radiant Treasures in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Similar to the overhauls made during the massive April Update, the next major expansion known as Destiny: Rise of Iron is bringing even more big changes to the popular shooter. In addition to new story content that features Lord Saladin, players will have a brand new social space and location to explore within the Cosmodrome called the Plaguelands. As players work towards uncovering more details on the former Iron Lords, exciting new gear will also be obtained which may include new customization modifiers known as Ornaments.

Along the same lines as Sterling Treasures, Radiant Treasures will be one of the ways that players can obtain these Ornaments along with a new item known as Silver Dust. Ornaments can be used to change the appearance of certain gear sets or other exotic items, similar to the way Chroma modifiers were introduced in the April update that enabled players to activate a unique glow of color. Silver dust on the other hand can be traded into the weekend merchant Xur in exchange for even more ornament options.

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While there's still a few weeks left until Rise of Iron finally hits consoles, Arekkz Gaming is back at it again with new information on how players will be able to grab new Radiant Treasures each week.

Heroic Strikes

As seen in a private test build during Gamescom 2016, the surefire way to secure Radiant Treasure is by participating in the new SIVA Crisis Heroic Strike Playlist. The newly renamed playlist features the brand new strike mission known as The Wretched Eye which launches with the expansion, along with newly remastered and updated strikes as well. These updated strikes will see the infusion of the new techno-virus called SIVA, which has infected the Fallen House of Devils. The virus has caused the group to splice themselves with it, creating some truly horrific looking hybrid versions of the Fallen.


Other Places To Look

For players who don't mind spending a little bit of money, the Eververse Trading Company will be refreshing its stock when Rise of Iron launches on September 20. In exchange for some Silver, players can simply purchase Radiant Treasures, Ornaments, or Silver Dust directly. For fans still collecting Spektar or Desolate items, it's worth noting that Sterling Treasures will be removed completely as well, in favor of these new items.

Unfortunately, outside of Tess Everis and the Heroic Strike Playlist, Bungie isn't revealing any additional details on Radiant Treasures or how players can obtain them just yet. The developer has previously confirmed that it will be changing the way players obtain Sterling Treasure, limited now to the level 41 Prison of Elders playlist.

While additional information on Radiant Treasures is said to be coming closer to launch, speculation has already started that these items will be taking the place of Sterling Treasures in order to encourage players to use them. If the rumors are correct, then players could be seeing these treasures at the postmaster and with the weekly Crucible playlist as well.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron launches on September 20, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Arekkz Gaming

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