Destiny's New Hidden Room and How to Get Into It


Destiny fans discover a new room that appeared after the latest update for the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, plus the hidden collectibles inside of it.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is just days away. Fans are currently adjusting to a new weapon rebalancing that arrived in Update 2.4.0 and some are grinding to try to get the new exotic sidearm, Trespasser, which was added ahead of Rise of Iron's official release date. And that's not all that has been added early.

Some industrious Destiny fans have discovered another room that was added underneath the Dust Palace on Mars. Not only is it a new room that will almost certainly be a part of a new mission or quest coming in Rise of Iron, but inside players can find a Dead Ghost to collect and a new item called a Dormant SIVA Cluster.

To get into this room, follow the directions from esoterickk on Destiny Reddit:

"To get to this room, you need to load up the Tenebrous Tunnel mission and head back to the Dust Palace Strike, running all the way up the tower to Psion Flayers / The Cortex. Once you're up here and have loaded the zone, turn around and run down to the Dust Palace zone (the second room of enemies in the strike with the elevator in the middle). Go to the ground floor and crouch in the gap on the floor, and let the enemies kill you. Once the enemies kill you, you will respawn inside of the hidden room under the strike."

Esoterickk also posted a video showing how the glitch to get inside the room works:


Bungie admitted that this week's Update 2.4.0 preloaded much of the content that will launch on September 20th with the official release date of Rise of Iron, Destiny's fall expansion. This room appears to be one of those pieces of content.

Collecting the Dead Ghost will award 5 Grimoire points. The new item, called SIVA Dormant Clusters, appears to be a kind of equivalent item to The Taken King's Calcified Fragments. It's unclear exactly what the SIVA Dormant Clusters are used for in Rise of Iron.

A word of warning—in the past, activating items before the official launch of that content has been known to disrupt the intended progression of a related quest or mission. However, according the esoterickk, the Dormat SIVA Cluster respawns on repeat visits into the room so picking it up now does not appear to interrupt progress. So those wanting to pick up those items now might be in the clear, but it may be best to wait for Rise of Iron just to be safe.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20th on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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