‘Destiny’ House of Wolves New Faction Armor Revealed

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The long wait for the highly anticipated House of Wolves expansion for Destiny is almost at an end, with the new content slated to arrive next week. To help get the hype train rolling, Bungie has been releasing a wealth of information over the past few weeks about the changes and new content players can expect to find in the game.

While new modes like the Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris are welcomed additions to Destiny, loot hunters want to know what sort of new gear is going to be available to obtain. In a new video posted online, players can get their first look at new faction gear being introduced with the expansion.

YouTuber DPJ recently uploaded a video showing off all of the Vanguard, Crucible, and Faction armor that players will be able to purchase once the House of Wolves expansion arrives next week for Destiny during his playtime with the expansion at Bungie. In addition to getting a good look at what the item looks like, players will also be able to see how much each piece will cost to purchase including how much it’ll cost players to ascend or upgrade the item. Better start saving now.

Interestingly enough, the video only covers Hunter faction gear so Titan and Warlock players will have to wait until next week to find out what sort of items awaits for them. The gear featured also appears to have a shader applied to each item as the colors red and white are prominent across all item types shown. Eagle-eyed players can also spot the differences when comparing the item’s color to its thumbnail image in each screenshot.

These faction items will also start following the new policy of using Crucible or Vanguard marks to purchase these items since commendations are being phased out entirely. The good news here is that Bungie is also doubling Crucible mark gains for simply completing a match, likely hopeful to lure players back into that side of the game more often.

Destiny House of Wolves Faction Gear

House of Wolves looks to be bringing the most changes and updates to the game since it launched last year making keeping up with all of the news that has been announced so far a little difficult. With so much information to process, Bungie put out a handy six minute video detailing all of the changes and new stuff arriving next week to make sure that all Guardians are on the same page once the new content hits.

What do you think of the new Faction armor? Are you ready to jump back into Destiny once House of Wolves hits?

The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny launches on May 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Source: DPJ YouTube Channel