'Destiny': Bungie Teases Major Update Alongside House of Wolves

'Destiny' Bungie Teases Major Update Alongside House of Wolves - Destiny characters

Destiny has continued to be one of the most popular first-person shooters in recent memory, with a constantly engaged and dedicated community of players, as well as a stream of updates from developer Bungie. Just recently, the game received update 1.1.2, which fulfilled a few oft-requested feature from fans, increased vault space, among other enhancements and fixes.

Even as they just finished launching the latest big change, Bungie is already teasing the next substantial update for the game. Said update will be 1.2.0 and it will release at the same time as the House of Wolves expansion.

What will be in this update exactly? Well, Bungie has not exactly divulged a whole lot of information just yet. All that is known so far is that the update will have a profound effect on all Destiny players, regardless of if they download the House of Wolves expansion pack. As Bungie said themselves, "[...] it will impact the experience of every player of Destiny, whether they expand their horizons or not."

While details on what the update will entail remain scarce, one thing's for sure, and that's when the update will be released. As previously stated, Bungie will roll this update out to coincide with the release date for the House of Wolves expansion pack, which will be available to download across all platforms on May 19th.

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In the meantime, Bungie has done an admiral job at consistently updating and patching the game, keeping Destiny as one of the premiere destinations for FPS players since its release last September. While the Destiny patches and updates have been mostly well-received, there have been a few controversial decisions made along the way as well. The most recent patch removed the Blades of Crota from free-roam, and the infamous loot cave was also shut down in an update.

Update 1.2.0 will assuredly add content related to the events of the House of Wolves expansion. In fact, this has been surmised as a possible reason as to why the Blades of Crota have been removed from the game. It is currently unknown if they were removed purposefully by Bungie or if it was an unintended consequence of the latest patch. However, if they were removed on purpose, this could point to Bungie preparing new public events centered around House of Wolves as opposed to The Dark Below, which was the first expansion pack released for Destiny.

In any case, the House of Wolves expansion is looking to add a slew of new content to the Destiny experience. Bungie themselves have confirmed that it will add a brand new co-op mode called the Prison of Elders, and a leak has revealed exactly what kind of missions will be featured, which will include a new Strike. Some of this content may be available to everyone, whereas most of it will definitely be exclusive to those who shell out the cash for House of Wolves.

Destiny is currently available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The House of Wolves add-on for the game will launch on May 19th.

Source: Bungie

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