‘Destiny’ House of Wolves Launch Trailer: Let the Hunt Begin

By | 1 year ago 

For Destiny players, each passing day brings them closer to the launch of House of Wolves, the second DLC expansion for Bungie’s mega popular shooter. This piece of add-on content has been a long time coming – most have been anticipating its arrival since completing the Crota’s End on hard – and in just a few days it will finally arrive.

Although Bungie has already done a solid job detailing the new content for Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC, there is one more piece to the puzzle. Today, the developer released a Destiny House of Wolves launch trailer that highlights all the component parts of the DLC expansion. Check it out above.

For those who may not be aware, House of Wolves will deliver a bounty of new content to the Destiny community. Most will focus on the new cooperative and competitive experiences (more on those in a bit), but the DLC also includes a handful of new missions, new gear, a new social space in The Reef, and four new multiplayer maps for Crucible fans to test their mettle.

Some of these elements, like The Reef and some House of Wolves gear, will be accessible by all Destiny players, while others, primarily the new maps and missions, will require purchasing the Destiny House of Wolves DLC by itself or as part of the Expansion Pass. Chances are, though, that if anyone is counting the hours until House of Wolves releases on May 19th, then they likely already bought the Expansion Pass for The Dark Below DLC.

Destiny House of Wolves Launch Trailer

On top of those new story focused elements, House of Wolves will also give Destiny players three new cooperative/competitive options for their daily grind. The new House of Wolves strike, titled Shadow Thief, will send players back to the Moon as they battle level 32 enemies aboard a Fallen Ketch.

One tier up from that is the Prison of Elders, Destiny’s new combat arena. Prison of Elders will come in four different difficulties, starting at 28 (with matchmaking) and going all the way up to level 35. Essentially, Prison of Elders is like a horde mode, where players enter a Destiny enemy-themed area, survive a few waves, and rinse and repeat. For a closer look at Prison of Elders make sure to check out this detailed Prison of Elders walkthrough.

And finally, there is Trials of Osiris, the new multiplayer event that begins every Friday and ends every Tuesday during the regular Destiny week. Trials of Osiris is a 3v3 multiplayer experience that is meant to be brutally tough but deliver worthwhile rewards. In essence, players pay for entry into the Trials of Osiris and then test their luck trying to accumulate as many wins as possible. The more wins a player has, the better their rewards, but three losses and the scorecard is gone. For more on Trials of Osiris check out Bungie’s walkthrough here.

Trials of Osiris Guide

All told, the House of Wolves DLC falls in line with Destiny’s prior expansion, The Dark Below, offering a wide variety of content for the average player. There’s obviously some pieces that are more sought after than others – most are itching to try out the Trials of Osiris – and some content will actually be free. Look for the Destiny fandom to ramp up significantly in the coming week.

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.