Destiny: House of Wolves DLC Release Date Leaked; New Gear Revealed

By | 2 years ago 

We may only be a few weeks into the latest Destiny quest to obtain the Crux of Crota and the Necrochasm, but even so players are already looking to the future. More specifically, players are curious to know what Bungie has in store for Destiny with its final DLC package, House of Wolves.

So far, we have heard random rumblings about the game’s selection, which is said to include a new raid, level cap, story missions, crucible maps, and gear, but most of that information is unconfirmed. The only thing that most gamers seemed to rely on was that House of Wolves was slated for a March release, although that may no longer be true.

According to the latest leak, which comes by way of some creative file digging, House of Wolves is labeled in the system files as having a May 19th release date. The leaker, whose English is not very good, says that some data activates in March, but the bulk of content is tabbed for May.

To prove his point, the leaker revealed dozens of images of new House of Wolves armor and weapons. Check out a small sampling of the new weapons and armor below, and head here for even more images.


By and large it looks like Bungie is going a different route with House of Wolves, mainly in that they are looking to make certain weapon types more viable. Auto Rifles with impact and Hand Canons with more bullets in the chamber are two things that stand out the most to us.

The leaker also has a few screens from the House of Wolves DLC unlock and the new Nightfall Strike, which apparently increases the max difficulty to level 32. If nothing else that lends further credence to the rumors that the new Destiny level cap will be 34.

While the image dump is no doubt intriguing, the lack of clarity on certain DLC components will surely leave more questions than answers. On the one hand, a May 19th release date for the DLC gives Bungie plenty of time to ensure the new content works as intended and takes into account player feedback. But, at the same time, that’s a long gap between meaningful content releases. Many are already itching for more, but they didn’t expect the wait would be this long.

Again, since all of this information is unconfirmed (and in Japanese), it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt and wait to see if Bungie can clear things up in the coming weeks. However, it might also be best to gear up for the long haul in Destiny.

What do you think of the leaked content for House of Wolves? How do you feel about a May 19th release date for the DLC?

Source: Reddit