‘Destiny’ House of Wolves DLC Will Not Have a Raid

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Earlier today, Bungie put the wheels in motion for their next batch of Destiny DLC, House of Wolves. It started with a release date and continued with an intriguing prologue trailer, which featured a closer look at the Awoken Queen’s vengeful storyline.

Bungie even took things a step further to lay all the cards on the table, and let Destiny players know when they are going to talk about each piece of House of Wolves. One thing that they won’t be talking about, however, is the new raid. That’s because House of Wolves will not have a new raid.

It may seem like Bungie slipped this Destiny bomb under the radar, but they assured players that the decision to skip a House of Wolves raid was not made lightly. As they say, they were “humbled” by the reception to the previous raids – Vault of Glass and Crota’s End – and they are working on a 6-player activity. It’s just that that new raid will not be launching with House of Wolves.

There will be a replacement experience called the Prison of Elders released (more on that in a following post), but the main thing to unpack right now is the lack of a 6-player raid for House of Wolves. To be honest, that’s what most people were looking forward to when it came to the second DLC pack, and now that’s gone.

Clearly, the rumors about the raid being set on Earth or The Reef were false, or whatever plans Bungie originally began are now scrapped. Either way, the speculation can stop now, because there’s no raid to prepare for.

Destiny House of Wolves Prologue Trailer

It’s also worth pointing out that Bungie said they have a raid in development for release later this year, which all but confirms a major Destiny expansion for 2015. There have been rumors that an off-year standalone product called Comet might hit this year, and now that seems more realistic than ever. And chances are that expansion will carry the raid we were hoping to see added in House of Wolves.

It’s also possible that Bungie is simply taking extra time with this third raid and it will be added as free DLC. After all, most players picked up the Expansion Pass solely for the two additional raids and strikes, so it behooves Bungie to make good on those promises. Not to say that they will, but they should.

The good news is there is more content coming with House of Wolves, including a way to upgrade old legendaries to max level, that Prison of the Elders battle arena, and the Trials of Osiris Crucible event. So plenty to occupy Destiny players’ time, and maybe enough to justify their money.

How do you feel about House of Wolves launching without a raid? Does this change your interest in the DLC?

Destiny: House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie