‘Destiny’ House of Wolves: Everything You Need to Know

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At 10am PDT on May 19th, the highly anticipated House of Wolves expansion for Destiny will launch worldwide, bringing with it a dizzying amount of new content to Bungie’s popular shooter for the 20 million players enjoying the game.

House of Wolves marks the second major expansion, after The Dark Below, to be released for the game, and is the final piece of Destiny‘s season pass. Offering new game modes, new missions, and more, House of Wolves is quite substantial, but fear not, as we’ve compiled all the relevant information for House of Wolves into one place.

New Story Missions

Destiny House of Wolves No New Raid

While often the subject of Destiny‘s criticism, Bungie is continuing the expansion of the game’s plot and universe, hoping that House of Wolves can potentially turn around game’s storytelling missteps. House of Wolves will follow the Guardians as they hunt down the titular House of Wolves Fallen group through a variety of new main missions, side quests, as well as in a brand new cooperative Strike.

New Bounties and Social Space

Destiny Reef Social Space Vendor

Collecting and completing bounties has been part of Destiny‘s DNA since day one, and that’s not changing with House of Wolves. The expansion is bringing with it a slew of new bounties for players to complete, which will include new rewards exclusive to those with House of Wolves access.

These new bounties can be acquired by interacting with characters in Destiny‘s brand new social space, The Reef. Amongst these characters is the returning Petra Venj, who will once again be dealing out bounties for the Queen’s Wrath event.

New Weapons and Armor

Destiny - Prison of Elders weapons

One of the major driving forces for Destiny players is to grind for new gear, and House of Wolves will have plenty of new gear for players to earn. Players will be able to obtain new gear through drops, bounties, and by participating in the new modes, the Trials of Osiris and the Prison of Elders. Some of the new gear, including exotics, will even drop in old missions once players download the House of Wolves add-on.


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