‘Destiny’s House of Wolves Will Release May 19

By | 2 years ago 

A couple months ago, a gamer was able to unearth and leak some information about the pending release of Destiny‘s second expansion, House of Wolves. The leaker revealed some new weapons and armor found in the game’s files, along with a potential release date of May 19.

Today, Activision announced that, yes, May 19 is in fact the official release date for House of Wolves. A new trailer for Destiny‘s second DLC will be coming soon, which should provide information about the expected Nightfall Strike and other additions coming with House of Wolves.

While the release date has likely been set for a while, we have to admit we’re a little surprised to see Bungie moving forward with the release considering The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be releasing the same day. While not all Destiny players will be playing the newest Witcher game, it seems like Bungie wouldn’t want to compete with such a major release.

This is especially interesting considering Witcher 3 is the biggest release set for May and the likeliest candidate to keep players from immediately jumping into House of Wolves.

Destiny House of Wolves Leak - Content Details

That being said, we have no doubt Destiny will see a healthy influx of players when the expansion launches. This is especially important for the game, as there are no holidays coming to drive new players. Bringing back previous players will be crucial to keep the game alive and well.

Hopefully, players will have a better experience with House of Wolves than they did with The Dark Below, Destiny‘s first expansion that launched in early December. The launch of Dark Below was met with resistance and frustration from Destiny players when they discovered all their work previous to the expansion was null and void. We have no doubt Bungie learned from the experience and will make sure House of Wolves better meets player expectations.

In fact, we expected House of Wolves to release earlier than May 19, but assume Bungie wanted to make sure they listened to and incorporated player feedback after the debacles of Dark Below before releasing the second expansion. With a plethora of new games coming this summer and fall, it’s important the developer deliver well on this second expansion to maintain their strong fan base. This is especially true considering the developer has many more entries planned for the series, and will need to hold onto their players to make the most of the work they’re putting into the future of Destiny.

What do you think of the May 19 release date? What are you looking forward to most in House of Wolves? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Destiny:House of Wolves is set to release on May 19 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.