What Destiny's 'House of Wolves' DLC Expansion Comes With

Destiny House of Wolves DLC

Last month, we were given a glimpse at what's on the horizon for players still hooked on Destiny. While we had always known that much more DLC was on its way, the leak established a road map for the next year of planned Destiny content leading up to its sequel — and now, fans have assembled everything we know about the upcoming House of Wolves DLC expansion in one easy-to-digest package.

The information comes from the ongoing datamining carried out by the Destiny community in an effort to get the inside track on what's in store for future content releases. The graphic condensing this information was posted on Reddit, but credited to a user of the 4Chan Destiny board, known as MattWGordon.

As you might well imagine, the bulk of the information pertains to the new equipment players can expect to outfit their Guardian with. Between the Raid rewards and vendor offerings for the game's three classes, there are some 60 new pieces of gear set to be added with House of Wolves, and 14 new weapons.

However, the biggest addition in terms of quantity looks to be the ships. While this is a purely cosmetic bit of kit, more variety is certainly welcome — you see quite a lot of your craft as it represents your character during loading screens. Names for the vessels are as creative as you would expect based on those already in the game; highlights include 'The Shark Wrestler', 'Never Liked Thermodynamics' and 'Teatime With Marduk'.

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Destiny: House of Wolves - New Gear and Weapons - Complete List

Perhaps the most interesting bit of information included is its lowdown on the story missions set for the House of Wolves. There's a comparable amount of content to the recently released The Dark Below, and its flavor text implies pretty strongly that these missions will be woven around an Awoken-centric story.

It seemed likely that Guardians would be checking in with the Queen again before too long, given her prominent role (relatively speaking) in the latter half of the base game. Based on the snippets of plot we can see here, it seems that Bungie is returning to the familiar theme of faction-based civil war for the House of Wolves, as the titular Wolves are described as traitors to the Queen.

Also detailed is the expansion pack's Raid, which is referred to as 'The Arena'. Taking place on The Reef itself, it's difficult to say just how this new challenge will fit in with the other story content. Its mission description simply reads 'Test Yourself', which suggests that it'll be another punishing experience for players — will it be possible to conquer it solo?

The House of Wolves seems to be a healthy amount of content to keep players satiated until the so-called 'Comet' drops in late 2015 — which will itself be a stopgap until the planned sequel to the game. However, as the last instalment of the first 'season' of Destiny content, it does feel a little insignificant. Still, this information comes from a leak, so might not represent all the content we see in its eventual release.

Destiny is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The House of Wolves expansion is set to release March 10, 2015.

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