'Destiny': Secret 'House of Wolves' DLC Area Hints at New Strike


It's in the nature of a game like Destiny that players are going to spend a lot of time covering and recovering the same ground. It's that MMO-style grind that keeps gamers coming back for more: more experience, better weapons, higher levels. But in a game that's designed to continue evolving and expanding, all those players running around are bound to discover some secrets.

Destiny players uncovered what's come to be known as Traitor's Ketch last year, an area that isn't accessible through official in-game means yet, but which can be reached via a glitch and a whole lot of jumping. Traitor's Ketch is a Fallen vessel located in the Ocean of Storms on the Moon. While there isn't anything to do there at the moment other than just explore, Destiny gamers should be seeing a lot of Traitor's Ketch once the House of Wolves DLC drops later this year.

Leaked screenshots from the upcoming DLC have revealed that a new strike called Belly of the Beast will send the Guardians into a Fallen Ketch in the Ocean of Storms -- a pretty clear match for Traitor's Ketch. Now Arekkz Gaming has posted the above video, walking viewers through Traitor's Ketch and speculating about how the area will be used in House of Wolves.

Belly of the Beast - Screen cap

Since the screenshot shows the strike area to be off the edge of the map, Guardians will likely have to teleport into the location. Traitor's Ketch itself is not actually that large, so Arekkz speculates that the first portion of the strike will likely involve players having to fight their way to the teleport point, before then entering Traitor's Ketch itself for the latter portion of the strike and the boss battle. In addition to tons of Fallen enemies, there are already two Walkers lurking conspicuously in the final room of the Ketch, so they will likely play into the strike's final conflict. Whether there is a separate boss or not, the possibility of tackling two Walkers at once could definitely prove challenging.

In addition to the Belly of the Beast strike, House of Wolves will include a new Awoken storyline and Raid, as well as three new Crucible maps and a ton of new gear. A leak from several weeks ago also suggests players will get a new social space in the Reef, located in the asteroid belt. This would give Destiny players someplace other than the Tower to socialize and practice their dance moves.

If you want to explore it for yourself, Arekkz provides step-by-step instructions on how to access the Traitor's Ketch area beginning around the 4-minute mark in the video up top.

Destiny's House of Wolves DLC is expected to release in May on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Arekkz Gaming

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