‘Destiny’ Behind the Scenes Video Details Full ‘House of Wolves’ Expansion

By | 1 year ago 

This week contained a ton of news regarding Destiny’s upcoming expansion pack, House of Wolves – in fact, that it’s a little difficult to keep up with it all. For those fans who didn’t have the time to watch Bungie’s live stream, or just don’t have the patience to wade through thousands of words of text: don’t worry. Bungie’s got everyone covered.

Bungie’s newest behind-the-scenes video condenses the last seven days’ worth of news into six jam-packed minutes. House of Wolves’ story, its new gameplay modes, the new gear – it’s all here, straight from the developers themselves.

Of course, for whatever reason, some players (especially those at work) can’t watch videos. For those unfortunate souls, here’s a brief summary. The video opens with a recap of the House of Wolves prologue trailer: the Awoken Queen’s guards betrayed her, and in response, the Queen opened up the Reef – Destiny’s new social hub – to Guardians from around the galaxy. It’s up to players to hunt down the traitorous Fallen and exact the Queen’s revenge.

Destiny House of Wolves Petra Venj

Guardians won’t be going at it alone, however. In the Reef, Petra Venj of the Awoken Royal Guard deals out the main story quests, while a host of secondary characters hang around to provide some additional color (and maybe an extra mission or two). Once the main story missions are finished, the Prison of Elders – a gladiator-style arena inside a maximum security prison – opens up, where players need to “fight, kill, and survive” in order to walk away with the best gear.

That’s not all. A vendor named Brother Vance acts as players’ introduction to the Trials of Osiris, Destiny’s new player versus player competitive mode. Derek Carroll, House of Wolves’ lead PVP designer, promises that the Trials of Osiris’ elimination game type is “the most intense game type we have in Destiny,” pitting two teams of three players against one another in a frantic battle for dominance. Oh, and by the way, there’s no matchmaking, and no respawns. Come prepared.

The trailer also shows off three new Crucible maps – Black Shield, Widow’s Court, and Thieve’s Den – and House of Wolves’ new cooperative strike, The Shadow Thief. And, in case you’re wondering: yes, with this expansion all weapons, not just House of Wolves exclusives, will be able to reach level 34.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: six minutes isn’t quite long enough to detail everything new in House of Wolves, and Bungie’s clear that this won’t be Destiny’s last expansion, either. While players had some complaints about The Dark Below, Destiny’s last DLC pack – mainly, that there wasn’t enough to it – this time, it looks like players will get their money’s worth. Between House of Wolves and The Witcher 3, May 19 looks like it’s going to deliver enough content to keep gamers busy for the rest of the month – if not the entire summer.

Source: Bungie