'Destiny' Hot Fix: Crota's End Loot Improved, Exotic Changes & More

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It just isn't enough to release an addictive AAA game these days: if a developer wants to keep players engaged, brand new content has to arrive - and frequently. That's the task served by Destiny's latest expansion The Dark Below, bringing new Raids, new equipment and weaponry, and an increased level cap. And apparently, some brand new issues Bungie is now setting out to address.

According to the official 'Hot Fix' notes posted on Bungie's blog, the upcoming update addresses not just issues previously known before the launch of The Dark Below, but unforeseen issues brought on by the expansion's launch.

Where weapons are concerned, the Fix will reportedly correct an error "in which some weapon projectiles were improperly penetrating Hive shields", as well as bring some changes to the exotic Pocket Infinity fusion rifle. Previous exotic changes had swapped out the weapon's 'Speed Reload' with 'Extended Clip's larger magazine, but the Fix will apparently reverse those tweaks, meaning charging up and deactivation should function as originally intended.

Destiny Hot Fix Pocket Infinity Exotic Changes

It's not just the ever-changing exotic weapons that will be addressed, with the frequency and level of raid drops also modified. The task of reaching Level 32 from 30 may seem less intimidating than hitting the previous level cap (with players already solo-ing portion of Crota's End), but it may prove even more difficult. With no less than three different armor drops from Crota's End needed to hit Level 32, Bungie is now modifying loot accordingly:

  • Both existing and future Raid gear obtained in Crota’s End now begins at Level 30 with an upgrade path to reach Level 32
  • Raid helmet obtained in Crota's End now drops on Normal Mode and will be a more frequent drop on Hard Mode

In addition, a replayable node has been added to the 'Fist of Crota' mission's Director, and a glitch in which Dead Orbit Cloaks awarded Hunters with reputation "for both Dead Orbit and Vanguard/Crucible." No word yet on just how far off an increase in inventory space may be, but fans can keep their fingers crossed.

It may be fair to level some criticism at the amount of content offered by The Dark Below, but it's Bungie's constant tweaking that is becoming the clearest indication of how the studio intends to support its player base going forward. And the newly-announced Iron Banner event won't hurt, either.

Have you tried your hand at Crota's End yet, or have you been kept busy by the other Strikes and loot unlocked with The Dark Below's arrival? Sound off on these updates in the comments.

Destiny: The Dark Below is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bungie

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