Honest Trailers Calls 'Destiny' Gaming's Hottest 7/10

Destiny Honest Trailers

Most will know the Honest Trailers brand for their scathing, yet hilarious, take downs of popular blockbusters. Over the last few years the channel has taken on everything from Spider-Man to Transformers, and they've yet to miss a beat. It may be called Honest Trailers, and there may be a comedic bent to the videos, but the channel does provide insightful criticism for some of the hottest movies.

However, few would know that the Honest Trailers filmmakers have also started covering games. That's right, the same folks who deliver hilarious critiques of Star Wars and The Avengers have also taken on such high profile games as The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and Team Fortress 2.

Bearing that in mind it should come at no surprise that the folks at Honest Trailers have delivered a video dedicated to Destiny. The game has been a major news item for the last three weeks, so it feels only appropriate that it get the Honest Trailer treatment. Check out the Destiny Honest Trailer below:


While a lot of the video's criticisms have already made the rounds in reviews, forum posts, and in the comments, they are no less valid here. In fact, the video perfectly captures the game's shortcomings – from the broken (but now somewhat improved) loot system to its lack of competent matchmaking – while still heralding it as an endlessly addictive experience.

The video also brings up some features that we've hoped might one day be patched into Destiny, like the ability to trade items between players or deeper, story-driven content. Unfortunately, if the recent leak was any indication it doesn't look like the former is in the cards. Story was, at one point, a major component of Destiny, but now, like the video explains, it's relegated to online Grimoire cards.

As we mention, these Honest Trailers are as entertaining as they are insightful. Yes, Bungie has touted the game as an MMO/FPS hybrid capable of sustaining dozens of hours of playtime, but that's a far cry from what we actually got. And yet we can't stop playing…

Do you agree with the points made in the Destiny Honest Trailer? How would you rate the game overall?


Source: Honest Trailers

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